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“A small broker with one of the largest reputations and voices within the industry.”

Mortgage Broker Vacancies

By arriving at this webpage, you will potentially be considering an opportunity with us. On behalf of us here at Capital Fortune Ltd - Thank You!

We are a rapidly growing financial services company, looking for qualified mortgage brokers and we’d love to hear from you. We are looking to recruit those with a total commitment to first class service, an intuitive, innate, proven sales ability, coupled with a clear drive to succeed.

We are particularly looking for people with a strong background and proven track record within another brokerage. Our brokers earn a basic salary of £30,000 with earnings of £100,000 plus on meeting reasonable expectations.

“I was signed off as a fully fledged Capital Fortune broker in September. I am already receiving a salary of £80,000. Having just turned 20, I know the Company asks a lot, but gives a lot too. Our primary role is to deliver a first class and memorable customer experience, but be warned, with the Company commitment to absolute quality and customer service, the role is not for the faint hearted.”   

 CF Broker  November 2012

No Hard Sell Company Sales Pitch

Like other mortgage businesses, we too can give you the hard sell corporate sales pitch and if you require, tell you how fantastic we are, the commitment we have to our customers, our remuneration package and internal training programmes. We can also tell you we’re second to none, but we're not great at giving the hard sel to you or our clientsl.

The fact is, we realise that most companies in most industries promise the world but don't deliver and our most successful applicants, are able to see through superficial HR claims, reaching their own informed conclusion quickly. Our customers in all our dealings are asked to do the same and it is therefore a prerequisite for our staff.

In an industry which has generally failed to attract true star performers, Capital Fortune continues to excel, winning an array of accolades and national industry awards.

“A small broker with one of the largest reputations and voices within the industry.”

Sharon Marshall, Key Account Manager Santander

Despite our media and industry attention, our model is pretty simple.

We work on three basic principles which are core to our business:-

1.    We aim to deliver 100% on all our promises

Delivering on promises, not only applies externally to our clients who include High Court Judges,  senior bank and FCA staff, TV personalities and pop stars. Importantly, the same applies internally, to our own Capital Fortune brokers who are guaranteed to receive a minimum of 10 qualified mortgage enquiries per day equating to a minimum of 50 per week.  We do not require our brokers to generate their own business and perhaps, we are unique in this requirement.

We are not so self-assured to believe that we are necessarily right for everyone. We have a set way of working and a set model.

We also appreciate that we are not right to assist all individuals and not all individuals are right for us to help. There are some great brokers out there who can provide a service for free, but we are clear with you and our clients, this business model does not appear to work in the long run. We only look to take on clients who look for a trusted adviser relationship and are happy to respect our equal first philosophy, working in total partnership, rather than through the tradittional power dynamic of a buyer and seller engaging in some form of dance.

This is perhaps why we only can help approximately 7% of potential clients or 3.5 per week, per broker.

The sheer volume of enquiries , generated by us nationally aims to alleviate any sales pressure on our brokers and ensures our clients are always treated fairly.  This is central to everything we do and believe.

“The thing that makes them so special is that they really care about people…” 

Dalia Hartman-Bergsagel, London

2.    We take responsibility, with no excuses

As a Company, our brokers will know they are not perfect and have much to learn, both professionally and personally. They know they are accountable for their own results and actions and have a strong desire to develop further and excel in the market.

As a result, we do not accept any personal or professional externalisation, blaming the market, the clients, the products, the Regulator or the system, which can happen when people, themselves do not perform.

There are 28 million mortgages in the UK, our advisers  complete on less than 150 each per year.

In requiring this, we agree to deliver the highest remuneration package of any mortgage brokerage in the UK and pay a basic of £30,000 to all new starters, with earnings of £100,000 plus, based on performance and completing annually on 150 mortgages.

Can you assist 13 mortgage customers a month from 250 qualified enquiries? – We would hope so….


3.    We Inspect Everything We Expect

Typically our most successful applicants never take anything at face value.

Like us, they should demonstrate the ability to challenge the status quo and accountability of our lending partners, suppliers, colleagues and all our senior managers. Accountability for us, you can see is key.

We feel, whether rightly or wrongly, there is a huge degree of complacency, nepotism and a lack of general quality in this important industry and as a result, clients can often suffer.

By inspecting everything we expect, we believe our clients are provided with a first class unparalleled service.

This coupled with delivering 100% on what we promise, taking responsibility with no excuses, ensures we seek to remain at the cutting edge of customer-focused financial services in the UK.

Our clients and introducers are core to our success. They have and deserve the highest of expectations.

If you feel you have what it takes to meet our requirements, apply to us today.

If it’s okay with you however, we will put you through one of the most rigorous selection procedures you have ever faced, starting with our online test. From the outset, we indicate that only 3% of applicants pass this initial pre-screen, so be prepared. We know what we are looking for.

Again, thank you for your interest in Capital Fortune, the specialist UK Mortgage Broker  – we appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

 Our Selection Procedure

  1. Apply online by completing our pre-screen questionnaire. You will automatically hear within 24 hours whether you have been selected to attend our next Selection Day.
  2. Attend the Selection Day. All selections days commence at 9am and 5pm and include a battery of personal, arithmetic and EQ testing.
  3. Receive confirmation of shortlisting and provisional employment offer
  4. Undertake DISC and EQ psychometric profiling and complete formal application with supporting documents
  5. Receive formal offer and start date
  6. Commence employment and internal and external training over 3 months leading to professional CeMAP qualifications (if appropriate)
  7. Receive FCA trainee authorisation with allocated supervisor via Network
  8. Receive full sign off as Protection and Mortgage Broker within 12 months of commencement.

To apply now, please complete stage 1 by clicking on the link button below:-

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