Divorce Leads Former Magistrate to £360k Mortgage Fraud

Written by Sam Jones on 24 January 2012.

Hussain, signed property documents during their acrimonious split, according to the Lancashire Telegraph.

She was spared a jail after the resident judge ruled the behaviour was “wholly uncharacteristic”. It appears the Court agreed she had acted totally out of character as she sought to secure the matrimonial home for herself following the breakdown of a 20-year marriage.

Defence lawyers proclaimed she was a “pillar of the community” and as former company director, Hussain was given a 1 year prison sentence, not to be served unless re-convicted within 2 years. She also received 300 hours of community service.

In pronouncing sentence, Judge Cornwall said: “Having achieved so much you find yourself having fallen to the ground from a great height.” He felt it was not in the public interest to award a custodial sentence allowing her to escape jail.

Peter Birkett QC for the Defence advised the Court that the loss of her professional standing and reputation was a “huge punishment” for Hussain.

The case provides further evidence of the myriad of issues, to which lenders and financial providers should be alert, when considering all applicants including those seeking divorce mortgages

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