Mortgage with Scottish Trust Deed

Scottish Trust Deed

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Mortgage with Scottish Trust Deed


Great advise and friendly organisation who are prompt at replying to emails and keeping you up todate with your application.

On 22-Feb-2018 the supplier responded:
Great feedback - thanks for 5 stars!

Buy to Let Remortgage

The service was always courteous and professional. It was also easy to get an answer on the phone or mail within minutes. A very pleasant experience.

On 22-Feb-2018 the supplier responded:
Appreciate your comments and the 5 stars!

I had nearly 3 years of missed mortgage payments and you still helped. I am so grateful.
Jeremy, London

Are you finding it difficult to obtain a mortgage or had a mortgage application declined because you have or have had a Scottish Trust Deed? We typically assist clients with difficult or unusual situations. This can include declines due to the property type or impaired credit where there is a good explanation for historical problems such as temporary income change, loss of job, illness, moving home, or problems created by ex partners. Clients often tell us they find it difficult to understand why many lenders may not consider their individual circumstances and they want to ensure when choosing a mortgage they get it right.

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