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Typically clients who we assist in retirement often tell us of the difficulties they have experienced in securing a competitive mortgage in the current economic climate. They are aware that the vast majority of UK lenders restrict the best mortgage deals to certain age groups and impose maximum age limits denying them mortgages.

However, we have access to some good options and deal with lenders who will take an holistic approach and look at the full background of each case.

We successfully assist clients over the age of 60 who have undertaken their homework and tell us of their frustration given there are far fewer lenders than a few years ago and even less products.

They may have been with their bank for many years, but despite their custom, the bank is refusing to lend.

They say they are surprised, sometimes annoyed, that despite having a good deposit or equity in their home, a guaranteed income throuh pensions, they are struggling to finance, solely due to their age.

It is true, that  lending criteria around a borrower’s age, their income and the type of mortgage, such as repayment and interest, has all severely tightened.

There remains however some long established lenders willing to provide competitive rates to more mature borrowers. They deem them to be a far lower lending risk given their age and usually because they have a guaranteed income and significant equity in their property.

As you would expect with an award winning company, all our finance is arranged through fully authorised, regulated mortgage lenders, some who offer Capital Fortune, exclusive products and rates. Some are specifically designed for those aged over 60.

“At age 74 the mortgage must have been difficult, but it went through more smoothly than any other mortgage” Rex Harris, Edgware

“Thanks for all your help with my mother, it was really appreciated” Al, Brighton

“After 47 years with my Bank they let me down when I needed them most. You said you could do it and you did” JB, Lincolnshire

For further information on our specific pensioner mortgage service call us today on 020 77 100 400 or complete our online enquiry form to speak to an Adviser.

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