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Ofshore Worker Mortgages

I’ve now organized two buy to let purchases through Capital Fortune and can totally recommend their services.
Anthony Yee, Sydney, Australia

Typically, offshore worker clients we successfully assist with mortgages tell us of the difficulty they have experienced in trying to arrange the most competitive mortgage finance. Often they express their frustration in finding an appropriate lender, given the thousands of mortgages advertised nationally and the restrictions lenders apply to offshore workers. We have assisted many offshore workers such as oil, gas and construction employees/contractors, seafarers, airline pilots and aircrew. They often tell us of their difficulty in finding a mortgage simply because they may be non UK residents with little or no credit history in the UK. They usually earn income in a foreign currency and are non UK tax payers. They are aware of the array of different comparison websites, direct lender deals and all the numerous brokers. They usually have seen some of the products which are available, but are concerned by all the additional charges made by lenders, increasing the overall costs on a mortgage deal. They usually have undertaken their own detailed homework but are sometimes left unsure how to conclude their mortgage search.

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