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Mortgages for Solicitors

It was quite an easy decision to make….the run of the mill mortgage brokers really were not going to be able to help me on this one. I would recommend Capital Fortune to any one asking and I do so too.
Joe Crosby, Golders Green

Typically, the Solicitors we successfully assist tell us of the difficulty they have experienced in trying to arrange the most competitive mortgage finance. They know that a number of lenders are unfamiliar with the remuneration structure of Solicitors particularly those who have recently moved firms, just finished their training contract are self- employed, a partner, an associate or on a freelance contract within private practice. Often Solicitors we help, express their frustration in finding an appropriate lender who fully understands their requirements or their occupation within the legal profession. They have usually undertaken their own detailed homework and are aware of the thousands of mortgages advertised nationally, the different comparison websites, direct lender deals and all the numerous brokers all stating they are best to help. 

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