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Flying Freehold Mortgages

Flying freehold mortgages are mortgages on properties when part of the property extends over another neighbouring freehold property. This may be an overhanging balcony, bedroom, living area, garage, pathway or loft, A property with a flying freehold generally makes it more problematic to obtain a competitive mortgage, but they do exist.

Typically, clients we successfully assist tell us of the difficulty they have experienced in trying to arrange a mortgage on a flying freehold property. Often they express their frustration in finding an appropriate lender or are a little unsure how to start their search.

They may have spoken to a number of brokers without success, before making contact with us.

Our flying freehold mortgage service is based not only on knowing UK lender’s criteria but also our ability to access the available private banking and bespoke lending solutions. Such lenders will often take a more holistic and pragmatic approach to the flying freehold and will look at the quality, security and re-sale of the property as opposed to viewing the finance arrangement as purely a standard transactional deal.

     “It was quite an easy decision to make….the run of the mill mortgage brokers really were not going to be able to help me on this one. I would recommend Capital Fortune to any one asking and I do so too.” Joe Crosby, Golders Green

Typically we find that clients seeking these types of mortgages have more specialised requirements and we are able to provide personalised advice on the appropriate lenders to meet those needs.

Mortgage applications on a property with a flying freehold, often require a greater degree of negotiation with national lenders, the underwriters, their panel surveyors and property valuers. Clients we successfully assist, also appreciate there is a limitation on the number of providers in this specialist market and understand the fact that many do not openly advertise their available products direct to customers.

“Capital Fortune are a blessing...I feel like I’ve got the best rate on the market and a very personable and friendly service.” Reuben, South London, SE27

They appreciate that many lenders offering mortgages on this property type do have a significant number of conditions which must be met and not only on the types of Applicant who can apply. This can include the location, available amenities such as transport links and recreation facilities, when the property was built, the material used and the condition of the premises currently.

Clients we successfully help in similar situations, typically tell us of their annoyance at the current restrictions on obtaining a mortgage on these properties. They usually have a healthy deposit for a purchase or significant equity to undertake a re-mortgage. They find it difficult to understand why the vast majority of lenders will not consider their individual circumstances.

“They arranged a re-mortgage for us…. which was unusual and certainly must have been difficult. It went through smoothly, more smoothly than any other mortgage I've taken out.” RH, Stanmore

As a comprehensive panel of lenders broker in this area, we know our lenders and lending criteria. Importantly, we appreciate the ambiguities and difficulties in this area of UK lending and work to provide an appropriate solution. We regularly assist clients with mainstream and complex finance and we are the UK specialists for flying freehold mortgages.

 “We are now on our second mortgage with Capital Fortune and recommend them to friends and family.” EHB, London

Our Advisers will take you through all the options available and all the relevant fee structures. You can then decide whether we are right for you.  You can call us on our national number or a request a call back online, using the general enquiry form or call back request.

We have been voted the Overall Adviser of the Year for the largest UK mortgage and protection network, two years in a row and have recently won a national industry award for Excellence in Treating Customers Fairly. A number of our clients watched us on BBC TV Newsnight and supported our shortlist nomination for Best Broker Prime and Best UK Mortgage Adviser at the prestigious Money Marketing Financial Services Awards and British Mortgage Awards respectively.

For help and assistance, speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers call us today on 020 77 100 400.

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