Joint Mortgage

Joint Mortgage

Joint Mortgage - Joint mortgage refers to a mortgage whereby two or more individuals take out a mortgage in conjunction. There are different types of joint mortgage packages including tenants in common, joint tenancy and common-hold mortgages. Depending on your circumstance, a joint mortgage can be the easiest way to have a mortgage application approved on a property. In some instances, especially for first time buyers, taking out a joint mortgage with someone who already owns property can boost the chances of having a joint mortgage application accepted. A joint mortgage is not just for a married couple as is traditionally the case; a joint mortgage can be between family members, an individual and an investor, two or more friends or a couple who do not wish to marry. With a joint mortgage, the liability for mortgage repayments is broadened to all of the individuals named in the application, in most cases.

We are a specialist mortgage broker with years of experience working with a range of clients to find their ideal joint mortgage. There are a range of joint mortgage products available on the market, so finding the most appropriate joint mortgage for your situation may be easiest following specialist advice from one of our expert advisers. We carry out an extensive fact find for all our clients before sending off any application, to make sure a joint mortgage is appropriate. We explain the implications of a joint mortgage, recommend appropriate mortgage products and review your mortgage product when it is possible to renew, making sure you are always on the most cost-effective joint mortgage deal.

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