Ethical Mortgage Products

Ethical Mortgage Products

Ethical Mortgage Products - Ethical mortgage products refers to mortgage products that are specifically designed with ethical considerations in mind. There are a range of ethical mortgage products available, and these can vary in terms of additional services that they provide. It may be that an ethical mortgage product is provided by lenders that specialise in ethically correct investments, such as those involving charity organisations. In other cases, ethical mortgage products have specific terms and conditions that make donations to an ethical cause in a manner detailed at the start of the mortgage term. Whether supporting ethical campaigns such as climate change, or other environmental factors; or other causes such as global poverty, ethical mortgage products are especially suited to individuals that wish to make a positive difference to the world through their financial decisions.

While some ethical mortgage products make payments to charitable institutions during the mortgage term on your behalf, this may be compensated for by an increased interest premium. However, this can be offset by using an expert mortgage brokerage service to secure ethical mortgage products at the most cost-effective rate available on the market for your financial situation. This is where we can help.

As a specialist area of the wider mortgage market, ethical mortgage products may be hard to find. We have years experience working with a number of major lenders in the mortgage market and have detailed product and market knowledge. We profile lenders in depth, and provide you with all the relevant information about the ethical mortgage products we recommend, so the ethical credentials of ethical mortgage products are available to you. However, you are looking to make a difference through your mortgage and while maintaining cost-effectiveness, our services can be extremely beneficial in this regard.

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