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Tenant demand set to grow again in 2014

Created on 06 January 2014. Posted in Live News

... homes with tenants at decent rents. Mortgage issues We have watched the mortgage market in 2013 improve dramatically after years of problems facing borrowers. In particular the buy-to-let market grew ...

31% pay 'unaffordable' rent or mortgage costs

Created on 08 December 2013. Posted in Live News

Thirty one per cent of people paying a mortgage or rent spend more than a third of their disposable income each month doing so, a survey for BBC Panorama suggests. Housing charity Shelter said that ...

Pensions Uncertainty Could Lead Retirees to Mortgage Market

Created on 14 October 2013. Posted in Live News

... investment providing a steady income for pensioners. We believe pensioners should be able to obtain mortgages in the same way as everyone else based on the test of their suitability and affordability and ...

Bank of England Must Limit House Price Booms, says RICS

Created on 06 October 2013. Posted in Live News

... them set aside more capital if they want to carry on providing mortgages.  ...

Banks Get Moving With Government Lending Schemes

Created on 07 September 2013. Posted in Live News

... news for mortgage borrowers as more money becomes available to buy and move homes. Higher volumes of mortgage lending should lead to greater competition between lenders on rates and easing of criteria. ...

British Expat Mortgages in Singapore for UK Expats

Created on 26 August 2013. Posted in Singapore

... a number of clients looking for ex pat mortgages living in Singapore looking to re-mortgage onto a residential or an ex pat buy to let mortgage or who want to purchase property here in the UK. They have ...

British Mortgages for UK Expats in Canada

Created on 26 August 2013. Posted in Canada

... have arranged a UK expat buy to let mortgage or residential finance, allowing them to rent their property whilst away. They have realised that the low UK interest rate environment, reconfirmed by the Canadian ...

UK Property Value Quadruples in 20 Years

Created on 20 August 2013. Posted in Live News

... see the Government acting as guarantor for £130billion worth of mortgages held by new homeowners. The Bank of England has also indicated it will hold interest rates at 0.5% until unemployment falls below ...

Expat Mortgages for British UK Ex pats in the US

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in USA

British citizens working and living in the United States face a multitude of difficulties when applying for UK expat mortgages. As international mortgage brokers, many of the clients we successfully assist ...

UK Ex Pat Mortgages for British Expats in Dubai

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in UAE

British nationals seeking expat mortgages in Dubai to either purchase or re-mortgage a property here in the UK regularly tell us they face a number of difficulties securing finance. The use of foreign ...

British Expat Mortgages for UK Ex pats in Abu Dhabi

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in UAE

UK expat mortgages in Abu Dhabi are a specialist area at Capital Fortune.  Whilst the availability of British finance  is increasingly restricted and despite many of the main UK lenders having ...

Mortgage Calculator UK Rates and Expat Mortgages for British Expats in Australia

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in Australia

... of the population. The majority have not completely severed all ties with the UK and many continue to maintain property back home. A growing number are looking for expat buy to let remortgages or want ...

Sub-prime lender launches to help adverse borrowers

Created on 06 August 2013. Posted in Live News

A new sub-prime lender has launched into the mortgage market aimed at borrowers with an adverse credit record. Magellan Homeloans is the first major sub-prime lender to launch since the crash and a sign ...

Mortgage lending rockets 26 per cent in June

Created on 28 July 2013. Posted in Live News

We can report this week that mortgage lending has grown by 26 per cent to hit a five-year high of £15bn in June, Council of Mortgage Lenders figures show. June's figures are even 2 per cent higher ...