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Mortgage lending rockets 26 per cent in June

Created on 28 July 2013. Posted in Live News

We can report this week that mortgage lending has grown by 26 per cent to hit a five-year high of £15bn in June, Council of Mortgage Lenders figures show. June's figures are even 2 per cent higher ...

Santander Joins Help to Buy Scheme

Created on 27 July 2013. Posted in Live News

We can report today that Santander has become the latest major mortgage lender to join the Government's Help to Buy scheme. The Government's scheme to boost low deposit mortgage deals has been flying off ...

Stamp Duty Debate Hots Up With Scottish Reforms

Created on 26 July 2013. Posted in Live News

... and rates in the coming years. Some lenders, such as Halifax, have been known to offer mortgages which offer to pay stamp duty for you. Speak to your mortgage broker to consider what your borrowing options ...

Renters Suffer Inflation More than Homeowners

Created on 17 July 2013. Posted in Live News

It seems that homeowners experience a slower rate of inflation than renters because of cheap mortgage rates, according to the latest Office for National Statistics report. The latest figures shows ...

House prices are set to Boom by 6.3 per cent By 2015

Created on 15 July 2013. Posted in Live News

... transactions as the market really picks up pace and drives the entire economy. The report credit Government schemes such as funding for lending, which provides banks with cheap loans to lend as mortgages, ...

Carney signals 0.5% interest rate for foreseeable future

Created on 04 July 2013. Posted in Live News

We are pleased to report that the Bank of England appears to have signalled that the UK base rate is set to remain at 0.5 per cent for some time, much  to the delight of mortgage holders. New Bank ...

99.5% of Consumers Don't Undertsand Mortgages - Which?

Created on 21 June 2013. Posted in Live News

... mortgages. Which? polled 1,001 homeowners and homebuyers and found borrowers were clueless about how fees made a difference to the total cost and focused on headline rates. It asked interviewees ...

Remortgages hit highest levels this year in April

Created on 14 June 2013. Posted in Live News

Remortgage lending has bounced back in April with its best month of the year as it drives growth in overall mortgage lending. Council of Mortgage Lenders figures show £3.4bn was lent to borrowers remortgaging ...

Skipton restricts interest-only mortgages

Created on 11 June 2013. Posted in Live News

... will go up to 80 per cent loan to value for a part-interest-only and part capital repayment mortgage. Skipton move follows Barclays' decision to introduce a minimum income of £75,000 on interest-only deals. ...

Don't Let Your Home Become a Casualty of Your Divorce

Created on 10 June 2013. Posted in Live News

... your partner. The priority if possible, should be to keep up with mortgage payments as any arrears can badly affect your credit rating and leave you struggling to buy another home. Next, is what to do ...

Government Help to Buy booming with 4,000 Enquiries

Created on 09 June 2013. Posted in Live News

... a mortgage indemnity guarantee. The shared equity scheme started in April and offers borrowers a five-year interest-free loan up to 20 per cent of the property price on new build houses. It is available ...

Mortgage Availability Rockets 34%

Created on 29 May 2013. Posted in Live News

The number of mortgages available for borrowers has increased by 34 per cent since April 2012 when the Bank of England’s funding for lending scheme was announced. Research by also ...

Remortgages rise 17% in April as Borrowers Look for Savings

Created on 28 May 2013. Posted in Live News

The number of remortgages increased by 17 per cent in April showing that more borrowers are looking to get a better deal.The LMS remortgage report shows remortgaging rose from £2.9bn in March to £3.3bn ...

Govt's Help to Buy scheme can help with large mortgages too

Created on 26 May 2013. Posted in Live News

The Government has launched a Help to Buy mortgage scheme to get the housing market moving but with an upper limit of £600,000 it can help more than just first-time buyers. Help to Buy comes in two ...

40% of Landlords Increase Rents

Created on 22 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... a growing demand for big buy-to-let mortgages. The average house price in the capital has just sailed passed the £500,000 mark and with rents rising even more quickly it could be a good bet. Half ...

Have Lenders Misinterpreted Interest Only Rules?

Created on 20 May 2013. Posted in Live News

The Financial Conduct Authority has warned lenders not to pull out of interest-only mortgages as they remain an important sector. In its annual 2013 risk outlook the regulator said it was concerned that ...

Large Mortgage Loans Going Mainstream At Halifax

Created on 17 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... trackers for purchase at 80% loan to value, the bank has cut prices back to 4.19% with a £999 fee. For remortgages the rate is slightly higher at 4.54% also with a £999 and available up to 80% loan to ...

Mortgages and Divorce – The Weapon of a Mortgage in Divorce Wars

Created on 12 May 2013. Posted in Live News

Divorcing can be stressful enough without having to worry about an outstanding mortgage. There is no doubt that ex-partners, knowing the impact missed payments can have, sometimes use the weapon of a mortgage ...