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Can We Remortgage if Living Abroad?

Created on 24 February 2014. Posted in Ask the Specialist

... expat mortgages, there are a number we work with that maybe able to assist on a fixed rate basis. If you are renting the property, you would have to have at least 25% equity in order to switch the mortgage ...

Is Prime London Property Now An Investment Arm of the Super-Rich?

Created on 12 February 2014. Posted in Live News

... is a strong coherent argument made in the report, but outlawing foreign buyers would be a damaging shift. It is also not clear whether a ban would include UK expats living abroad and holding buy-to-lets? ...

I live and work in Australia - can I get a mortgage on my London property?

Created on 11 February 2014. Posted in Ask the Specialist

...  What are my options? Ask the Specialist response: That is a really good question. A lot of expats based overseas ask us very similar questions. Many of them tell us they are finding it difficult ...

Rates Won't Rise Quickly - Carney

Created on 08 January 2014. Posted in Live News

We are pleased to see Bank of England governor Mark Carney signaling Bank interest rate rises are a long way off. The recovering UK economy in the last six months of 2013 has prompted growing talk ...

UK Mortgages for British Expats in Hong Kong

Created on 26 August 2013. Posted in Hong Kong

Hong Kong continues to remain a huge attraction for British ex pats needing mortgages for expats. The low tax regime, its modern public transport and wide use of English as a foreign language may somewhat ...

British Expat Mortgages in Singapore for UK Expats

Created on 26 August 2013. Posted in Singapore

There are currently 4.65million British expats worldwide and according to the Office of National Statistics (CFP/DWP/ONS/2012), Singapore currently accommodates nearly 50,000 UK nationals. We deal with ...

British Mortgages for UK Expats in Canada

Created on 26 August 2013. Posted in Canada

Canada with its first class health system, low crime rate and stunning outdoor scenery remains an attractive destination for UK expats. Many British citizens have given up their home to relocate here or ...

Expat Mortgages for British UK Ex pats in the US

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in USA

British citizens working and living in the United States face a multitude of difficulties when applying for UK expat mortgages. As international mortgage brokers, many of the clients we successfully assist ...

UK Ex Pat Mortgages for British Expats in Dubai

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in UAE

British nationals seeking expat mortgages in Dubai to either purchase or re-mortgage a property here in the UK regularly tell us they face a number of difficulties securing finance. The use of foreign ...

British Expat Mortgages for UK Ex pats in Abu Dhabi

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in UAE

UK expat mortgages in Abu Dhabi are a specialist area at Capital Fortune.  Whilst the availability of British finance  is increasingly restricted and despite many of the main UK lenders having ...

Mortgage Calculator UK Rates and Expat Mortgages for British Expats in Australia

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in Australia

Australia remains the top destination for British expats and according to the most recent figures it accommodates over 1,062,000, a staggering 251,000 of which are pensioners. This equates to nearly 5% ...

Renters Suffer Inflation More than Homeowners

Created on 17 July 2013. Posted in Live News

It seems that homeowners experience a slower rate of inflation than renters because of cheap mortgage rates, according to the latest Office for National Statistics report. The latest figures shows ...