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Access To Mortgages Hits 4 Year High

Created on 26 December 2012. Posted in Live News

... The improvement came alongside evidence that current interest rates on fixed-rate mortgages are the cheapest they have been since summer 2007 just before the credit crunch struck. This is good news for ... Suggest It May Be Cheaper To Purchase Than Rent

Created on 11 December 2012. Posted in Live News

... for an LTV around 85-90%, and will be on a repayment scheme with a higher rate of interest. As such for many borrowers it may not necessarily be cheaper to have a mortgage than rent, but the idea of being ...

HSBC claim 3.6 million overpaying on mortgages

Created on 10 December 2012. Posted in Live News

HSBC today report that an estimated 3.6 million borrowers on a Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgage could save money by re-mortgaging to a cheaper rate of interest.    The research suggests ...

Interest Only Mortgages

Created on 14 November 2012. Posted in Landing Pages

... the mortgage and the size of the mortgage itself does not decrease and equity is not built up in the property unless property prices increase or overpayments are made. Interest only mortgage are cheaper ...

Only 1 in 20 Now Get Online Mortgage Loan

Created on 04 November 2012. Posted in Live News

... websites such as continue to provide headline rates based on price, but many customers are becoming more savvy, appreciating that the lowest rate is not always the overall cheapest ...

Lending to Business and First Time Buyers Still Remains Challenging

Created on 20 October 2012. Posted in Live News

... to divert the cheap funding brought in through the Government’s Funding for Lending programme and use these funds for the purpose they were granted, to assist those at the lower end of the market. In ...

As Cost of Living Rises – Mortgages Rates Begin to Fall

Created on 12 October 2012. Posted in Live News

... is at hand if you have a reasonable deposit or amount of equity in your home. Ten lenders have so far cut their mortgage rates this week offering cheaper home loans for customers who are either looking ...

Only 7% of First Time Home Buyers Can Afford To Buy In Next 12 Months

Created on 07 October 2012. Posted in Live News

... react to the Funding for Lending Scheme ‐ but it’s crucial that cheaper finance reaches a much broader selection of new buyers to boost buyer activity and alleviate the pressure on the private rented sector.” ...

New Government Funding for Lending – Are Banks Using the Money Correctly?

Created on 06 October 2012. Posted in Live News

... over 0.5% lower now than when the scheme was announced and 2 year and 5 year swap rates have fallen to 0.71% and  1.01% respectively, making overall money cheaper. There have been strong indications ...

Above Restaurant

Created on 23 December 2011. Posted in Flats Above Commercial

... and experience can help. We appreciate the multitude of reasons people choose to purchase a property above a restaurant. Sometimes the value of above restaurant property can be often, 10-20% cheaper ...

Best Mortgage Interest Rates

Created on 23 December 2011. Posted in Best Buys

... change, making repayments more expensive as rates rise and cheaper when rates decrease. However, this varies between mortgage products; fixed rate products may be the best mortgage interest rates for your ...