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Fall in First Time Buyers Caused by Rent Trap

Created on 31 January 2013. Posted in Live News

The low numbers of first time buyers in the current market is ‘cause for concern’, according to Nationwide. Concerns have been raised as the building society report there were only 20,000 first time buyers ...

Is Britain On Course To Triple-Dip Recession?

Created on 28 January 2013. Posted in Live News

... most of its products." The UK housing market, therefore, might be negatively affected as a result of the slow economic recovery, causing more difficulties for first time buyers.  ...

Mortgage Payments Take Priority in 2013 Household Spending

Created on 18 January 2013. Posted in Live News

... West Midlands and East Anglia are least likely to change their spending habits.   The survey also reported that 44% of first time buyers intend to put down a deposit within the first six months ...

Deposits For London Houses Three Times National Average

Created on 18 January 2013. Posted in Live News

... or Midlands.   Sean Oldfield, Chief Executive at Castle Trust, commented that ‘parents and grandparents are being called on more and more to help children with their first deposit.’ However, as ...

Landlords Remortgage Buy-To Let Properties to Expand Their Portfolios

Created on 17 January 2013. Posted in Live News

... mortgages is mainly caused by difficulties first-time buyers face when trying to secure a mortgage. Thus, high tenant demand and flat property prices enticed more landlords to increase their capital; 8 ...

Mortgage Lenders Truly Go to War

Created on 15 January 2013. Posted in Live News

...  For first-time buyers using mortgage calculators is more important as high deposits are the key obstacle to getting a mortgage. Buying a home with a 5% deposit is far more expensive and has more restrictive ...

Stagnant Second Stepper Market Scuppers First Time Buyers

Created on 14 January 2013. Posted in Live News

... first time buyers due to the resulting shortage of properties available on the market.’  ...

New Build Plans to Ease Market Pressure

Created on 11 January 2013. Posted in Live News

...  Nick Boles announced at the Policy Exchange that Britain needs to be building 270,000 new homes per year in order to ease the backlog of first time buyers, who have been priced out of the housing market ...

UK Property Millionaires on the Rise

Created on 09 January 2013. Posted in Live News

The number of property millionaires in the UK has for the first time broken the 300,000 mark, based upon the findings recently released by   As demand for high end properties in ...

Mortgage Funds Rise as Prices Decline

Created on 04 January 2013. Posted in Live News

... average house price in the UK at the end of 2012 is now £162,262. As a result first time buyers may be more likely to get on the housing market as prices fall thus making the deposit requirement smaller ...

Where is The Mortgage Market Really Heading in 2013?

Created on 28 December 2012. Posted in Live News

... more also needs to be done to stimulate the lower end of the chain, encouraging first time buyers to enter onto the property ladder. Historically these new entrants, have allowed those above to move up ...

Access To Mortgages Hits 4 Year High

Created on 26 December 2012. Posted in Live News

... those undertaking a residential mortgage search. The BSA research confirmed that waiting and saving for a deposit remains the biggest obstacle for first time buyers, with 59% citing it as a barrier. ...

Tough Time for First Time Buyers

Created on 19 December 2012. Posted in Live News

One in four potential first time buyers believe it will take 10 years to raise enough money to afford a house deposit, according to a survey conducted by the Building Society Association.    ...

Millions of Homeowners Overpaying On Their Mortgage

Created on 17 December 2012. Posted in Live News

... those with the greatest levels of equity. Recent research by e.serv, the valuers has confirmed that mortgage lenders do favour affluent borrowers with equity as opposed to first-time buyers. This can ...

Home Purchases Highest in 11 Months

Created on 14 December 2012. Posted in Live News

... while the wealthy have benefitted from the FLS, first time buyers have been losing out. Properties valued below £125,000 made up just 22% of the total house purchase lending, this was the lowest proportion ... Suggest It May Be Cheaper To Purchase Than Rent

Created on 11 December 2012. Posted in Live News

... However, a major barrier is the unwillingness expressed by lenders to offer mortgage deals to first time buyers or those looking for high LTV ratios. As such, these people are struggling to get on the ...