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Autumn Statement: Stamp duty opportunity missed

Created on 09 December 2012. Posted in Live News

... of Commerce has revised its growth forecast for 2013 and 2014 downwards in its latest economic forecast. The BCC believes the economy will grow by 1 per cent during 2013, down from its earlier 1.2 per ...

New Proposals on Marriage, Divorce Rates and Divorce Mortgages – Are There Lessons from Europe?

Created on 08 December 2012. Posted in Live News

... respondents, admitted to delaying proceedings, given the state of the economy and the lack of current value in marital assets. The majority of men and women divorcing fall within the 40-44 age bracket ...

Economic Bulletin sets out Conflicting Economic Indicators

Created on 16 November 2012. Posted in Live News

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries has issued its recent Economic Bulletin which focuses on the UK Economy, Housing and Mortgage Market. With the economy emerging out of recession, an environment ...

£11 Billion to Be Wiped off Budget Defecit

Created on 10 November 2012. Posted in Live News

... to boost the economy. However, the interest income ultimately belongs to the government , but until the recent clarification, the interest has been sitting unused in a authorised, dedicated account  ...

Double Dip Recession Over – Really…?

Created on 26 October 2012. Posted in Live News

... UK economy, which has been on a downward trend. However, Which? The consumer watchdog continues to report a fragile housing market which they say is dividing the nation. There is developing chasm developing ...

Funding For Lending Scheme Relaxed Rules

Created on 15 October 2012. Posted in Live News

... into force at end of 2013 and will replace the risk-adjusted core ratio of 10% of assets. The concern is to avoid any rapid deleveraging which could harm activity in the wider economy.  There continues ...

Default retirement age comes to a welcome end

Created on 04 October 2012. Posted in Live News

... the medium term job prospects for the economy are more likely to increase as a result. As over 65s become more economically active and millions of older people appear to be pulling out of the UK Labour ...

Critics question Government plan to build way out of recession

Created on 27 September 2012. Posted in Live News

Measures to encourage construction through funding for homebuilding and less stringent planning controls, aimed at boosting the economy, have come under fire. The Government recently said it would ...

Lenders relax criteria with 95% mortgages blooming

Created on 20 September 2012. Posted in Live News

... of cheap funding available to banks and building societies on condition that they lend more to small businesses and consumers in the hope that this will kick-start the economy. However it appears that ...

Mortgages for Extensions - Will there be a rush?

Created on 07 September 2012. Posted in Live News

... criticised the plans and has responded that the economy, now in a double dip recession coupled with ageneral housing crisis is going to need far more than piecemeal measures. Ms Reeves made clear that ...

Government Proposals Could Increase Demand for Mortgages for Extensions

Created on 06 September 2012. Posted in Live News

... many UK lenders offer these remortgage . The reasoning behind the Government changes is to re-kick start the economy and it is claimed that in doing so, up to 140,000 construction jobs could be created. ...