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Mansion Tax Extension Debated

Created on 18 February 2013.

The Liberal Democrats are to consider the extension of their ‘mansion tax’ policy to include multiple properties. This could mean that those with second homes, holiday lets and buy-to-let properties may ...

Landlords Feeling Less 'Bullish' About 2013

Created on 25 January 2013.

Confidence in the 2013 buy-to-let market among landlords is apparently less ‘bullish’, according to a survey by Upad. This comes as the amount of landlords feeling optimistic about the private rental sector ...

Deposits For London Houses Three Times National Average

Created on 16 January 2013.

The average deposit required to purchase a property in England and Wales is £26,500, according to the finding of the Castle Trust. Looking at the 30 biggest cities and regions, the research found the average ...

Rise in High LTV Mortgages Expected in Q1

Created on 04 January 2013.

Mortgage applications for higher LTVs (Loan to Value) are predicted to rise in the first quarter of 2013, according to the Credit Conditions Survey conducted by the Bank of England.

British Expat in South Asia

Created on 04 October 2017. Posted in Ask the Specialist

... mortgage on SVR. I am looking to remortgage my property on a buy-to-let product. I pay taxes and get paid in local currency in Pakistan. If there are any competitive remortgage deals available for British ...

Expat in Malaysia Buying New Build Flat

Created on 25 March 2017. Posted in Ask the Specialist

Hi, Do you provide any buy-to-let mortgages that are based solely on rental income rather than affordability? I'm looking for 60% on a £325K new build completing in August. I'm a UK citizen based in ...

The shifting rules of buy to let

Created on 18 August 2015. Posted in Live News

We are pleased to see such strong growth in the UK buy-to-let market in recent years, which is great news for landlords. Many small landlords have seen strong rental income with fewer so-called void ...

Expat landlords shrug off Budget changes

Created on 30 July 2015. Posted in Live News

... as ever to invest in a buy-to-let property back home, according to leading offshore lender Skipton International. But there is a fly in the ointment. The last Budget announcement has effectively introduced ...

Buy to let booms 13% in a year

Created on 14 May 2015. Posted in Live News

Buy-to-let is booming. That’s what the latest figures from the Bank of England tells us anyway with a 13 per cent year on year growth. We believe this is fantastic news for current and aspiring landlords ...

Is this the best time ever to get a mortgage?

Created on 11 May 2015. Posted in Live News

... including economic uncertainty in the Eurozone to low interest rates at home. In particular buy to let mortgage rates have plummeted to their lowest levels ever. Buy-to-let landlords take out a different ...

Will the general election affect my mortgage?

Created on 06 May 2015. Posted in Live News

... the sale of buy-to-let homes and allocate a certain number to first-time buyers. This is a radical shift from current laissez –faire policy and would come as part of a wider crackdown on landlords by ...

Pensioners enjoying Govt rewards should think about mortgages

Created on 10 March 2015. Posted in Live News

... much talk about how savers will invest their new freed pension pots to pay for their remaining years. With the British obsession with housing and rising house prices, buy-to-let landlords are a big ...

What are the Problems Facing Expats Landlords?

Created on 22 April 2014. Posted in Live News

... market and buy-to-let. Just because someone has left Britain temporarily or permanently does not mean they want no investments here. This is why we have a specialist expat buy-to-let team at hand to ...

Pensions Revolution Could Boost Pensioner Buy To Lets

Created on 23 March 2014. Posted in Live News

... but it is being indicared that one option could be residential property. Buy-to-let We have over the last year, seen a growing buy-to-let market with strong fundamentals in terms of rising rents, high ...

Is Prime London Property Now An Investment Arm of the Super-Rich?

Created on 12 February 2014. Posted in Live News

... is a strong coherent argument made in the report, but outlawing foreign buyers would be a damaging shift. It is also not clear whether a ban would include UK expats living abroad and holding buy-to-lets? ...

Landlords look to buy more properties

Created on 10 February 2014. Posted in Live News

... shows landlords are looking to boost their portfolios. The data shows a growing confidence in the UK housing market and the fundamentals of buy-to-let. At the end of 2011 52 per cent of landlords ...

Equity release market rockets 16% in 2013

Created on 27 January 2014. Posted in Live News

... gap. Equity release is one property option, remortgaging is another and so is owning buy-to-let property. There are a number of ways you can earn a retirement living form property and mortgage and ...

Tenant demand set to grow again in 2014

Created on 06 January 2014. Posted in Live News

... over the next 12 months. From 2,195 people polled, 41 per cent had already seen a rise in tenant demand in the last six months of 2013. It is a huge boost to buy-to-let landlords who can expect rents ...

Down-valuations continue to fall as economy recovers

Created on 09 November 2013. Posted in Live News

... about 60% of purchase, remortgage and buy-to-let residential transactions, tracking values carried out by e.surv and firms that it panels work out to on behalf of lenders. E.surv director Richard Sexton ...

Lenders Finally Crack Down on 'Accidental' Landlords

Created on 04 November 2013. Posted in Live News

... switch to a more expensive buy-to-let loan. In a concerted drive to catch those abusing the system, lenders are trawling the electoral register, social media websites and online letting agencies for ...