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British Expat Mortgages in Singapore for UK Expats

Created on 26 August 2013. Posted in Singapore

... a number of clients looking for ex pat mortgages living in Singapore looking to re-mortgage onto a residential or an ex pat buy to let mortgage or who want to purchase property here in the UK. They have ...

British Mortgages for UK Expats in Canada

Created on 26 August 2013. Posted in Canada

... have arranged a UK expat buy to let mortgage or residential finance, allowing them to rent their property whilst away. They have realised that the low UK interest rate environment, reconfirmed by the Canadian ...

North West Outstrips Central London For Rental Returns

Created on 25 August 2013. Posted in Live News

... value of £197,000. The range of buy to let mortgages now available may make this a good time to purchase up North.  ...