Mortgage HMO

Mortgage HMO

Mortgage HMO - Mortgage HMO refers to the available mortgage options sought by individuals looking to purchase a house in multiple occupation within the British Isles. A mortgage HMO deal is seen as a niche product often within the wider mortgage market, and there often aren’t as many mortgage HMO deals as there would be of other standard mortgage products. Mortgage HMO products are often seen as complex and specialist advice and assistance may be required to secure the deal required. This is where we can assist.

A mortgage HMO package may be required on a number of properties. For instance, a house or flatshare with 3 or more unrelated tenants, students living in shared accommodation, a house split into bedsits or an owner-occupier property with more than two lodgers will all require a mortgage HMO solution. We offer a bespoke and holistic service to guide all clients throughout the mortgage HMO process, ensuring that your mortgage transaction is secured.

With years of experience in the specialist mortgage market, our mortgage HMO teal are experts in finding our clients the right deal at the right time and importantly at the right time. Using our comprehensive panel mortgage HMO base, we are able to source through a number of the available mortgage products without prejudice to find the most suitable and affordable deal on the market for your circumstances. We have established excellent relationships with a number of mortgage HMO providers, also often being able to obtain favourable products not available to individuals on the High Street.

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