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Building Insurance Brokers : Building Insurance brokers at Capital Fortune are able to provide building insurance online advice on both your building and contents only insurance.

Your building insurance broker will quickly inform you that building insurance, unlike contents insurance is the only compulsory insurance required by UK home mortgage lenders. Buildings and contents only insurance combined together will include the compulsory building insurance. Brokers are useful in sourcing building insurance and stand alone contents only insurance as we can ascertain your needs and source our panel of building and contents only insurance providers to obtain the most competitive quote.

At Capital Fortune, we understand that increasingly many people are purchasing buildings and contents only insurance online and numerous price comparison websites are available to search for buildings and contents only insurance policies.

The building insurance brokers online via comparison websites search the market for the ‘best deals’ and list the buildings and contents insurance policies or contents only insurance by the cheapest prices allowing you to pick, in theory, whilst online, the cheapest deal. You should always check however that they are in fact authorised building insurance brokers. You will be able to ascertain that they are if they are prepared to give you building insurance broker advice or content only insurance advice and provide that advice to you in writing.

The buildings and contents insurance quotes can be useful but you still require a building insurance broker to give appropriate advice before jumping in and buying a policy. The buildings and contents insurance policy may be the cheapest deal or the contents only insurance may appear good value, but it may not necessarily be the insurance product suitable for you .
Buildings and contents insurance can often be complex and you may need advice and guidance. For example some insurance cover may include pipes or windows, others personal items and accessories. The building insurance broker sites which are not authorised cannot provide financial advice. They do not assess your individual needs and they can only provide prices and let you choose. The devil is often in the detail with buildings and contents insurance and both or building insurance brokers and conents only insurance brokers will never recommended a buildings or contents insurance to you without first assessing your needs and requirements.

Call us now on 020 3 216 2037 and we will search our buildings and contents insurance providers for a suitable home insurance product.

Capital Fortune building insurance brokers are able to provide competitive quotes from a number of buildings and contents insurance providers. We can do this in addition to providing you with best value mortgages via our online mortgage service or simply as a stand alone building or contents insurance
Our building insurance brokers will assess your needs and requirements and advise on the appropriate level of building insurance and contents only insurance cover for both you and your property.

Our policies are designed to cover not just the buildings and contents of your home (cover can be arranged for just buildings or contents or combined to qualify for a further discount), but also your jewellery and particular personal possessions. Our buildings and contents only insurance policies can cover such events as fire, theft, storms and floods and the cost of your cover will depend on the size of your property, the amount of cover required and where you live, as the rating is often based on your postcode.

Buildings Insurance
The cost of cover will vary on the level of insurance you take out. Additional cover can vary from policy to policy. For example, some buildings insurance cover may include windows and pipes, whereas others may exclude or charge more. The price of cover does not always relate to its value and Capital Fortune will assess your needs and requirements before advising on a particular policy.

We can add a number of extras to your buildings insurance policy, and you will be given the choice to take the standard cover or to pay a little more for some extras which many of our clients have found invaluable. These include:

• Legal Cover which can provide professional legal advice and legal protection as part of your buildings insurance.

• Accidental damage is a very useful addition to your policy, as accidents do happen and can sometimes be very costly. This can include windows and pipes.

• Property owner's liability is available with some policies, and provides cover in the event that a third party makes a claim for occupier’s liability against you.
We will assist you with your needs and requirements and ensure that any buildings insurance taken through us, provides the levels of cover that you require for your home.

Insurance policies differ between companies and we will provide you with both the premiums and features of each policy before you make any decision to proceed with us.

Home Mortgage Lenders & Buildings Insurance
Mortgage Lenders will not provide a mortgage unless your solicitors confirm that appropriate insurance is in place and they will often request that their own interest is notified on the insurance policy. .In the event that buildings insurance lapses, policy holders will find themselves immediately in breach of their mortgage conditions as the lender deems its’ own security is unprotected.

It is important when purchasing or re-mortgaging a leasehold property to ensure that the freeholder has sufficient buildings insurance in place. The new lender will in any event seek the solicitors to confirm this is the case prior to releasing any funds. This demonstrates the importance lenders attach to protecting their own interest in the property and is an indication of the importance you as the property owner should place on your own protection.

It is often believed that buildings insurance only includes the structure of the property. It does not, it also includes all fixtures and fittings, for example a bathroom suite or a kitchen.

In typical situations the insured property will be covered for fire, flood damage and subsidence and the insurer will pay out an amount of money for the property to be re-built. Buildings insurance would not cover the full market value of the property.

The cost of re-building is always lower than the value of your property and it is important to obtain a professional valuation every 5 - 10 years or so from a professional surveyor in order not to be under-insured.

The valuation carried out by the home mortgages UK lender will often include an amount for re-build purposes and it is important to have an appropriate level of cover for at least this amount.

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