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Capital Fortune are asked to help clients on a daily basis, whether it be with a new purchase, remortgage, buy to let or something more unusual. We typically help clients with non-standard, unusual or complex situations and have created this section to allow you to ask our team of specialists any question you may have. Feel free to browse the list of questions and responses. Please note we provide information only in response to the questions posed and not advice. If you do seek advice then feel free to speak to one of our Advisers by calling 0207 710 0400 or send us an enquiry online and one of our Advisers will call you back.

Ask the Specialist

Pensioners in France Wishing To Buy in the UK

on Monday, 09 April 2018 10:51.


We are UK citizens retired and living in France. We are enquiring to see if you can help clients obtain UK mortgages as UK citizens who no longer have a UK address.



Interest Only Mixed Repayment Mortgage

on Wednesday, 28 March 2018 11:39.


Are you able to offer interest only and mixed repayment mortgages?


Mortgage in the Merchant Navy

on Saturday, 27 January 2018 19:09.


My partner and I are looking to buy our first property together. I'm a UK national, self employed with 5 years of accounts, but my partner is from the Republic of Ireland, has only lived in the UK for a year and works for the merchant navy so is employed by an American company. Is it possible for us to get a joint mortgage that takes his salary into account when calculating how much we can borrow?

Thanks, Amy

Right to Buy with 80 Year Old Plus Dad

on Monday, 22 January 2018 16:29.


I'm currently looking for a right to buy mortgage. The house value is £110,000 and purchase price £33,000. It will be a joint application as my dad is the named tenant and gets maximum discount. he is currently 83 so most banks wont lend the money due to his age, looking for a full repayment over 8 years, preferably 5 year fixed, could you assist on this?


My Husband is Younger But We Need Both Our Incomes

on Sunday, 14 January 2018 14:40.

Hi there, 

I am enquiring as to what age your mortgage applications go to please? My husband is considerably younger than me but I would like if possible to have my income included on any application form. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances we do not have a large deposit so would like a larger LTV if possible. If this is something you may be able to assist us with we would be grateful for any advice available.

Thank you.


Interest Only Mortgage in Mid 50s

on Wednesday, 27 December 2017 14:53.


I currently have a mortgage with a rate of 5.84% and want to remortgage to a better rate. My current lender will not play ball based on affordability.

I fear another interest only mortgage may not be available to me which would mean I could only get repayment which may not result in a lower monthly payment. I am 55 this year and my wife just turned 58. How could you potentially help us?


UK Expat in Spain

on Thursday, 26 October 2017 10:36.


I am a UK Citizen resident in Spain and I'm exploring the options to apply for a mortgage to buy a property in the North-West of England. I would appreciate more information on the types of Mortgages you provide to UK Expats for this purpose.

Thank you,


British Expat in South Asia

on Wednesday, 04 October 2017 15:58.


I am a British citizen with a property in London, which is currently on rent. I have moved to Pakistan for a couple of years for a good job opportunity. My house is currently on a residential mortgage on SVR. I am looking to remortgage my property on a buy-to-let product. I pay taxes and get paid in local currency in Pakistan. If there are any competitive remortgage deals available for British Expats/ non-residents, I'd be keen to explore these ASAP. Many thanks


Mortgage with a Vendor Gifted Deposit

on Tuesday, 25 July 2017 11:48.


Could you assist ne with a vendor gifted deposit? The sale hasn't been agreed but i may be able to get the vendor to gift me a deposit, since the property has been on sale for a while.

Yours faithfully, 


Mortgage When Paid in Chinese Currency

on Wednesday, 10 May 2017 20:00.


I am living in the UK and having two incomes, one is in Sterling from a UK company, other is in Renminbi from a Chinese company, can they be counted as my total income if I apply a residential mortgage for a UK property?

Thanks, Liu