Mortgage for Trust

Mortgage for Trust – Mortgage for trust refers to a mortgage which can be secured by trustees using proceeds from a trust fund. Trusts can be an effective method of wealth management or distribution. Property may be a suitable investment for this wealth or be lived in by the beneficiaries of the fund. A mortgage for trust fund product may also be required in the case of a SIPP. A mortgage for trust package can facilitate an investment or purchase and is a relatively niche product.

Finding the right lender is essential to allow trust funds to be used effectively. At Capital Fortune, we source mortgages for trust funds from a range of UK and international lenders. We use our market knowledge and expertise to effectively place your individual case with a lender offering a cost-effective and suitable deal.

As a comprehensive panel of lenders broker, we offer impartial advice and put your needs first. Our well established links with a range of trust mortgage lenders allow us to access some deals which are not available on the open market. We carefully analyse the available products to ensure they are competitive – beyond the headline rate.

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Mortgage For Trusts

Mortgage For Trusts - Mortgage for trusts are mortgages specifically applicable as an investment for a trust. Being a complex financial package, a mortgage for trusts is a specialist area of the wider mortgage market. A trust is a group of investors, in which equity is split between trustees. Investments are made in financial products such as a mortgage for trusts. Usually in the name of a limited company, a mortgage for trusts product can be complicated. As with any investment, mortgage for trusts requires detailed research in to the investment opportunity at hand, and obtaining the most cost-effective rate of interest to deliver optimum results.

Finding a mortgage for trusts that is applicable for such an investment, and from a lender that offers a range of mortgage for trusts products can be time consuming and hassle-ridden. This is where we can help.

As an independent, whole-of-market mortgage broker, we search a range of lenders, from High Street banks and building societies to private lenders, to find the right mortgage for trusts. Following a detailed fact find, we conduct an in-depth rate comparison on applicable mortgage products to obtain the best rate on the market for your mortgage for trusts.

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Mortgages For Trustees

Mortgages For Trustees - Mortgages for trustees are mortgages that can be secured by trustees on behalf of trust beneficiaries. Mortgages for trustees cater for a range of scenarios, including investment and beneficial property use. The primary purposes of trusts are wealth management and inheritance distribution, and mortgages for trustees can facilitate both of these. Mortgages for trustees can allow investment in buy-to-let or commercial property, offering an alternative to other investments, such as stocks. Alternatively, mortgages for trustees may loan money for a property for use by the beneficiaries, where the trust funds are used to repay the mortgage.

We have substantial experience arranging mortgages for trustees and offer bespoke advice designed around your needs. Our expertise in this area means we are well placed to match your case with the most cost effective mortgages for trustees package from a suitable lender. As a comprehensive panel of lenders broker, we are able to arrange mortgages for trustees with a wide range of lending institutions, including niche providers. Our holistic analysis of mortgages for trustees ensures that we will recommend the most affordable deal, allowing you to make maximum use of trust funds.

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Mortgages For Trusts

Mortgages For Trusts - Mortgages for trusts refer to specialist mortgage packages which can be secured by using proceeds from a trust fund. Mortgages for trusts may be an investment or purchase for use by the beneficiaries. As a result, mortgages for trusts are niche area of the mortgage market; they are considerably more complex and rare than standard mortgages. When searching for mortgages for trusts it is vital to take care to ensure that the package chosen is with the right lender, so that trust funds can be used effectively. Specialist advice may be necessary to ensure that the mortgages for trusts that you consider are suitable for your individual own needs and requirements.

With years of experience in the mortgage market, our team of advisers are able to obtain quotes from a number of providers of mortgages for trusts. Due to our close links with lenders, we are able to gain access to mortgages for trusts from a comprehensive panel of lenders. As we offer a bespoke service to our clients, we assess each case individually, to ensure that you are matched with the right lender, offering the right package for your needs.

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Trust Mortgages

Trust mortgages are available through our specialist Trust Mortgage service. We can place mortgages with home mortgage UK lenders who will accept the Trust as an applicant. This will normally be through a Trustee or number of Trustees applying for the trust mortgage on residential or commercial property purchased or remortgaged for the purposes of meeting the aims of the Trust.

Our bespoke trust mortgage service is based on knowing both the UK national lender’s criteria but also knowing the availability of private banking, offshore or foreign banking services which may take a more holistic relationship view rather than a purely transactional approach.

Clients seeking trust mortgages often have more specialised banking and lending needs and we are able to provide personalised advice on the appropriate bodies to meet those needs.

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