Large Mortgages

Large Mortgages

Large Mortgages - are available to those Capital  Fortune clients looking to raise funds of typically over £750,000 to purchase or remortgage a property. As well as some traditional mainstream mortgage lenders, there are some additional options open to our clients at this level of lending, including Private Banking and Bespoke Mortgages from private financiers.

A number of lenders are averse to large mortgages as they would prefer to diversify the mortgage risk and undertake a number of smaller mortgages. High Net Worth clients requiring a large mortgage facility can often be penalized for the size of the mortgage and our online mortgage service can help.

In using our mortgage quoter system you will be able to ascertain the home mortgage lenders UK wide offering large mortgages. Our home mortgages UK sourcing system will provide details on the best value mortgages be it large or small.

Large mortgage loan providers often have different mortgage underwriting criteria and our online mortgage brokers will be able to speak directly with senior underwriting staff who can assess the case often prior to an application. This increases the certainty of obtaining the mortgage and avoids any disappointment further on through the mortgage application.

At Capital Fortune we appreciate that our Higher Net Worth clients require a more flexible mortgage lender to underwrite a large mortgage loan. We will instantly know where to place your large mortgage and will be able to offer you the best mortgage deal to meet your particular circumstance. We can arrange large mortgages as an offset mortgages, tracker mortgages or can even fix your rate for a number of years.

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