Graduate Mortgages

Graduate Mortgages

Graduate Mortgages - are quite simply mortgages for graduates who have studied and obtained a graduate certificate having been on a full or part time degree course at a UK college or University.

In light of the academic qualification and the increased prospects of job success, many lenders are willing to treat graduates more favorably than non-graduates, particularly those just starting their career with good prospects of job promotion and income acceleration

A graduate mortgage is for graduates who wish to purchase a property to live in themselves or to share with fellow housemates. The rental income charged to other occupiers can often be used to support the graduate mortgage.

Graduate mortgages are available on a residential mortgage or buy for rent scheme and these allow graduates to get onto the housing ladder even with a moderately low income. If the loan is not serviceable, Capital Fortune is able to arrange for your parent, guardian or joint house purchaser to stand as an applicant or guarantor for the mortgage

We understand that UK graduates are facing ever-increasing difficulty in securing affordable, good quality housing and rental costs are spiraling in most UK cities.

By Capital Fortune providing the ability of arranging mortgages for graduates, you are able to purchase your own property or to provide appropriate and comfortable accommodation to fellow house sharers.

For further information on graduate mortgages and mortgages for graduates contact Capital Fortune on 020 3 216 2037 or Enquire Online.

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