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Mortgage Non Resident

Mortgage Non Resident - Mortgage non resident refers to the individual obtaining a residential or buy to let mortgage when seeking a property to live within the United Kingdom. The mortgage non resident seeker is a non UK citizen, but can be either an EU or foreign national. It has been tough for the individual especially those from outside the UK to navigate the mortgage market since the credit crunch. Banks and building societies have been increasingly reluctant to lend to mortgage non resident seekers and despite profits being made by providers, their attitude towards lending seems unlikely to change.

We offer our mortgage non resident clientele a holistic and specialised service using our comprehensive panel base to increase your chances of a successful mortgage outcome at the best available rate.

EU applicants have the legal right to work and live without restriction in the UK but non EU residents and foreign nationals have to obtain certain paperwork in order to secure a successful application. Documentation required includes a work permit or visa and adequate permission to live and work within the United Kingdom. Our client’s mortgage non resident application will also be further enhanced were they to have a UK bank account or have lived within the jurisdiction previously.

Our team of advisers will seek to obtain you the best deal for your mortgage non resident finance and banking solutions. We will briskly advise you as to whether your application will be best suited through a UK bank or building society, private lender or international mortgage non resident provider. Furthermore, our brokers will complete all the necessary documentation required for a successful transaction, all within your requested timescales.

The mortgage non resident advisory team aim to find our clients the right rate at the right time but most importantly with the right lender.

If you need any assistance why not speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers by calling 020 3 216 2037 or Enquire Online.

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Selected UK Mortgages for Foreign Nationals

A selection of some of our lenders mortgage products and rates are shown below. Contact us for a quote specific to your circumstances. Table data updated 03/08/2015.

For /
Overall cost
Fixed Lender
% Lender
001 1.39% Tracker 2 Years 2.49% 2.40% 1% £999 None

Max 60% LTV Residential

Minimum 1 year left on visa and 2 years in UK.

002 1.35% Fixed 31/12/2017 4.00% 3.70% 2% in year 1, 1% in year 2 £995 None

Max 60% LTV Residential

Tier 1 visa only. Min time left on visa 6 months. Min time in UK 6 months.

Alternatively, any visa jointly applying with a British National.

003 3.38% Fixed 30/09/2017 4.00% 4.10% 2% in year 1, 1% in year 2 £995 None

Max 90% LTV Residential

Tier 1 visa only. Min time left on visa 6 months. Min time in UK 6 months.
004 3.24% Fixed


3.99% 4.2% 3% in year 1, 2% in year 2 £1499 None

Max 90% Residential

Tier 1, 2, Ancestry and Spousal Visa. No minimum time in UK or left on visa subject to credit score

005 2.59%

Buy to Let Fixed

30/10/2017 5.35% 5.20% 3% in year 1, 2% in year 2 £1999 None

Buy to Let max 60%

Tier 1 visa required