Unencumbered Remortgages

Unencumbered Remortgages

Unencumbered Remortgages - Unencumbered remortgages are remortgages on properties that are free of debt. Homeowners may wish to take out unencumbered remortgages to raise capital. Reasons may include consolidating debt and raising capital for home improvements or for business purposes. Lenders attach many terms and conditions to unencumbered remortgages and borrowers are reminded of the risk of repossession of their home if repayments on the remortgage are not met.

The advisers at Capital Fortune understand that there may be different reasons for homeowners taking out unencumbered remortgages.

Our specialist team of advisers use our comprehensive panel contact base to secure unencumbered remortgages which are suitable to the personal circumstances of our clients. We are able to access unencumbered remortgages which are not available on the open market, in addition to packages with favourable rates and terms and conditions. We work with our clients to remove the hassle from applying for unencumbered remortgages, and present your details in a favourable light to lenders, maximising the likelihood of a successful application.

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