Reduce Mortgage Interest

Reduce Mortgage Interest

Reduce mortgage interest is a claim made by many banking adverts attempting to obtain your mortgage business. The ability to reduce mortgage interest however may not be that easy and it is important when looking at comparison mortgage deals, offering to reduce mortgage interest, that you look at all the mortgage costs including mortgage interest costs to ensure the mortgage is the most affordable and suitable for your needs.

The headline mortgage interest rate on a mortgage product may be lower and the overall picture that you would receive reduced mortgage interest rate may be misleading. The devil can be in the detail and low mortgage interest rate charges do not necessarily equate to low mortgage costs.

At Capital Fortune we will not only look at the headline grabbing reduce mortgage interest rates, we will look at the overall costs taking into consideration lender mortgage arrangement fees, valuation fees , legal conveyancing charges and other ancillary hidden costs associated with the mortgage product. In doing so we will be able to assess the value of the lender’s claim to reduce mortgage interest and can give you a full cost assessment of the overall costs of the mortgage to you.

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