Mortgage Eligibility

Mortgage Eligibility

Mortgage eligibility is based on a number of factors. Mortgage lenders set eligibility criteria and if you meet their mortgage eligibility terms they will usually offer a home mortgage UK loan.

The major two mortgage eligibility criteria which must be satisfied is that the mortgage is both affordable and suitable for your needs. The affordability of a mortgage loan is the predominant eligibility criteria and no lender in the land would offer a mortgage if the repayments were not affordable. This would not make commercial sense for a lender but also for a borrower, if the mortgage criteria was not affordable, they would face repossession at a later stage bringing upheaval, distress and pain, no lender or mortgage broker would wish this on any client.

Lenders in addition to affordability and suitability have numerous mortgage eligibility criteria. For example, the Ecology Buiding Society has mortgage eligibility criteria permitting it to only lend on projects with an ethical or ecological benefit to the environment or community. Other lenders for example, Manchester Building Society will only lend within a specific radius of Manchester city centre. This is their clear mortgage eligibility criteria.

In order to ascertain whether you would pass the mortgage eligibility test of affordability try out our mortgage repayment calculator mortgage size calculator and mortgage budget calculator to confirm a mortgage would be affordable.

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