Retirement Mortgages


Retirement Mortgages - Retirement mortgages have become increasingly difficult for individuals to obtain. Since the recent economic downturn, a number of UK banks and building societies have become more unwilling to lend to seekers of retirement mortgages, often citing fears over fixed income, and availability of wealth assets. A number of previously available retirement mortgages which were previously on the mortgage market have been removed, often leaving individual clients unsatisfied with the deal they acquire or even left rejected. This is where we can assist.

Over a number of years as a quality mortgage broker, our expert team have established superb relationships with a number of providers in the UK offering retirement mortgages. Utilising these strong links, we are often able to obtain retirement mortgages not available to individuals on the High Street and often at a lower overall cost.

We understand the complexities of the market for retirement mortgages and understand our clients, guiding and assisting you throughout your application until completion. We will quickly yet carefully take you through the terms and conditions of all deals we find suitable on the market which meet your individual needs and requirements, before completing all the relevant documentation required to secure your transaction.

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Senior Mortgage

Senior Mortgage - Senior mortgages are aimed at anyone over the age of 60, in or near to retirement. Seniors have struggled to find finance in the past but due to increased competition in the senior mortgage market. However, our expert mortgage brokers using our comprehensive panel base, can advise you on the right senior mortgage for you.

You may be looking to remortgage away from your existing lender to find a more competitive deal or raise capital for a holiday or conservatory. You may simply want to consolidate all of your existing debt into one easy monthly payment. Whatever reason you have for seeking out a senior mortgage, our team will search the market for you, finding the senior mortgage that works best for you.

Our experienced mortgage brokers will be able to assess which senior mortgage providers are likely to lend to you and who is offering the best deal. Whether you are looking to take out a capital and interest repayment mortgage, where both interest and mortgage value are paid down at the same time, or an interest only mortgage, in which merely the interest charges are paid off each month and the lump sum is paid down at the end of the mortgage, one of our team will be happy to help you with your senior mortgage application.

We understand that finding a senior mortgage can be stressful and time-consuming but our team will find you the right mortgage for your circumstances and will regularly review your senior mortgage case throughout its term.

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Senior Mortgages

Senior Mortgages - Senior mortgages are available to senior citizens requiring mortgages. They are offered from a plethora of different, both national and international, and are aimed at those in later life looking for finance. Using our outstanding relationships with senior underwriters at national and international lenders, we aim to secure senior mortgages for our clients within a time frame that suits you. Our comprehensive senior mortgages service includes completing all paperwork and reassessing our client’s cases regularly when a new product comes on to the market to make sure they are always receiving the most suitable and affordable senior mortgages on the market.

Depending on your age, earnings from investments, pensions and any other sources of income, our senior mortgages brokers will be able to assess which lenders will provide the capital you require on the repayment method you wish.

We can seek to secure senior mortgages for customers up to 85 years old on an interest only and capital and interest basis. While the former will normally have lower monthly repayments, the latter settles the mortgage debt over the course of the term. This is providing all payments have been made in full and on time. Senior mortgages applicants choosing an interest only option will need to organise another investment to pay the original mortgage capital by the end of the agreement. Though we can secure finance, clients will need to speak to an Independent Financial Advisor to arrange an IS A, pension or endowment policy to pay down this lump sum as we a re unable to offer advice on investments.

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If you are looking for money to pay for home improvements or repairs, or simply to find a more suitable rate than your current senior mortgages provider, then call our team of advisers who can help.

Seniors Mortgage

Seniors Mortgage - Seniors mortgage customers will typically be in their retirement and could be looking for a seniors mortgage for a variety of reasons. You may require a mortgage for home improvements such as undertaking a loft conversion or conservatory. You may be merging all outstanding debts into one easy repayment or you may just wish to move away from your current mortgage provider to find a more favourable seniors mortgage.

Using our comprehensive panel base, we can find the most competitive rates on a seniors mortgage and aim to complete your application in a timescale that suits you. Our team of brokers experienced in securing a seniors mortgage for our clients can talk you through your available repayment options. After assessing your age, income and financial requirements, we will be able to tell you which lenders are willing to help with your seniors mortgage application. We have strong relationships with underwriters at international banks and building societies as well as domestic lenders providing a number of options to successfully serve your seniors mortgage.

For applicants requiring a seniors mortgage, we offer a full and comprehensive service by completing all necessary documents and will frequently re-evaluate our seniors mortgage cases up to the date of completion to ensure they get the best rates on the market as soon as they become available. We can offer a seniors mortgage on a conventional repayment or on interest only basis, though anyone opting for interest only repayments will need to have another investment to repay the original mortgage debt at the end of the contract. Unfortunately, we are only able to offer mortgage finance but a number of Independent Financial Advisers will be able to advise you on what kind of investment will work best for you should you opt for an interest only seniors mortgage .

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Selected Mortgages For Aged 60 to 90

A selection of some of our lenders mortgage products and rates are shown below. Contact us for a quote specific to your circumstances. Table data updated 04/04/2016.

For /
Fixed Lender
% Lender



2.64% Discount Variable 3 Years 4.79% 4.41% 3% withinh first year. £945 None

Maximum age 94 (subject to age at application)

Repayment Only

Maximum 80% LTV




1.69% Discount Variable 30/06/2018 5.95% 5.28% 1% until 30/06/2018 £199 None

Maximum age 85

Free Standard Valuation

Repayment only

Remortgages and Purchases

Maximum LTV 80%






2.99% Fixed 31/08/2020 5.95% 5.07% 3% until 31/08/2020 £999 None

Maximum age 85

Free Standard Valuation


Remortgages and Purchases

Maximum LTV 80%



2.99% Discount 5 years 5.49% 4.86% 2.5% in year 1 then 2% in year 2. Then 1.5% in 3rd year... £0 None

No max Age

Interest Only

Remortgages and Purchases

Maximum 80% LTV