Discount Flexible Mortgage

Discount Flexible Mortgage

Discount Flexible Mortgage - Discount flexible mortgage packages refer to mortgages at a discounted rate with flexible terms for a period of time. Discount flexible mortgage deals enable borrowers to obtain mortgages with repayments that are lower than the lenders’ standard variable rate. With discount flexible mortgage packages, borrowers seeking to take advantage of lower SVR rates can increase monthly mortgage payments without incurring any early repayment charges. Some discount flexible mortgage lenders also allow borrowers to take payment holidays after a certain period. Discount flexible mortgage solutions can therefore be beneficial to clients with fluctuating income.

Discount flexible mortgage packages offered by lenders vary in terms of duration and repayment terms. Some lenders allow mortgage overpayments whilst others do not allow refunds on this. In addition, before granting payment holidays, lenders may assess any missed payments and the outstanding mortgage amount first. Borrowers can seek professional advice in order to be fully aware of all the terms and conditions on a particular discount mortgage deal. This is where we can assist.

Our professional discount flexible mortgage advisory team are fully qualified specialists who have worked within the mortgage industry for many years. Our advisors understand the importance of finding the discount flexible mortgage package that best matches your needs and requirements. We will holistically view each package including its terms and conditions to ensure we arrange the best deal for you with no hidden cost attached. In doing so, we are confident we can provide you with a recommendation that is right for you, based on your own needs and requirements.

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