Two Year Discount Mortgage

Two Year Discount Mortgage

Two Year Discount Mortgage - Two year discount mortgage deals offer a discount off a lender’s standard variable rate for a period of two years. Discount mortgage deals may be suitable for borrowers moving into their first property, as furnishing may be quite costly, and the discount period may release money for this. A two year discount mortgage lender may penalise borrowers who wish to overpay during the two year discount period.

After the two year discount mortgage period has ended, the borrower will be placed on to a standard variable rate. There are many terms and conditions attached to a wide range of two year discount mortgage deals. Due to this, choosing well suited deals may be stressful and time consuming, so the use of a broker can be useful.

Our advisers, through our strong connections with a wide array of lenders, are very experienced in arranging two year discount mortgage packages for our clients. Consequently, we are able to access two discount year mortgage deals that many of our clients may not be able to access otherwise. We acquaint ourselves with our clients, so we can use this information to acquire and arrange deals that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs, saving time and hassle.

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