Three Year Discount Mortgage

Three Year Discount Mortgage

Three Year Discount Mortgage - Three year discount mortgage deals are mortgages with a discount off the variable rate lasting for three years. The discount enables borrowers to have extra money available to them in the initial years of moving into their property; money that may be used on furnishing and decorating.

There are a variety of three year discount mortgage deals, attached to various terms and conditions. Some lenders may stipulate that overpayments during the three year period be penalised. In addition, after the three year discount mortgage period has ended, borrowers will be placed on a standard variable rate deal. A lender’s standard variable may be influenced by the Bank of England base rate, or more commonly decided based on the market conditions and competitive reasons. Thorough analysis of the available three year discount mortgage deals is an effective way secure the best possible deal, however this can be quite time consuming.

Our advisers have significant experience arranging three year discount mortgage packages for our clients. Our well established contact with lenders from across the market allows us to give our clients access to three year discount mortgage deals that may not be available on the open market. In addition, we use our knowledge of our clients to secure, not only the best deals, but a package that is well suited to their personal needs.

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