Discounted Variable Rate Mortgage

Discounted Variable Rate Mortgage

Discounted Variable Rate Mortgage - Discounted variable rate mortgage packages offer a rate which is a specified percentage less than the standard variable rate. A discounted variable rate mortgage lasts for an initial period, usually between two and ten years. The discount period allows the borrower some extra money that may be needed to furnish the property. In this period, discounted variable rate mortgage lenders may penalise borrowers for overpayments.

A discounted variable rate mortgage should be approached with careful consideration, as each lender may have considerably different terms and conditions. The interest rate of a discounted variable rate mortgage is not guaranteed to be low, although it is lower than the standard variable rate, they will both move in unison. With that in mind, some lenders do pledge to maintain their variable rates at a certain level.

We have years of experience in arranging discounted variable rate mortgage packages. Our expert advisers are in contact with lenders from across the market. We are able to help our clients secure discounted variable rate mortgage deals that are suitable to their individual circumstances. Furthermore, we may be able to reduce the stress associated with searching for suitable discounted rate mortgage deals.

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