Discount Rate Mortgage

Discount Rate Mortgage

Discount Rate Mortgage - Discount rate mortgage deals refer to mortgages at a discounted standard variable rate. Discount rate mortgage deals last for an initially agreed period of time. Once this period has expired the interest rate returns to being the lender’s standard variable rate. An advantage of acquiring a discount rate mortgage is that repayments in the first few years are cheaper than they would be, had the borrower taken a standard variable rate. This allows for much needed money to be available to the borrower for activities that are necessary during the initial years of moving into a property.

A discount rate mortgage does not necessarily guarantee peace of mind, as the rate that is paid is still variable, and may move at any time at the lender’s discretion. In addition, terms and conditions that are behind a discount rate mortgage can be quite complex.

Discount rate mortgage deals are available from a vast array of lenders. Due to the quantity of these mortgages, finding the best discount rate mortgage deal can be quite challenging. Looking at the range of lenders and the range of products that each lender provides, indicates that choosing the most relevant discount rate mortgage can become very time consuming. Our impartial and experienced team liaise with lenders spanning a comprehensive panel of lenders. This, along with our expertise allows us to guide our clients to discount rate mortgage packages, specific to their individual needs.

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