Discount Mortgage

Discount Mortgage

Discount Mortgage - Discount mortgage is a mortgage at a discounted standard variable rate for a period of time. A discount mortgage offers borrowers a guarantee that, during that period, mortgage rates will be lower than the lenders standard variable rate. As a result, lenders may have early repayment and redemption charges since their discount mortgage rate is cheaper than the SVR. However a discount mortgage does not protect borrowers against rates hikes as lenders set their standard variable rates independently. As such, when discount mortgage providers raise their standard variable rates, borrowers will also see their mortgage rates increase.

Discount mortgage packages vary in duration and repayment terms and are available from a range of mortgage providers. With a range of discount mortgage packages on the market, specialist advice may be required to find a product that meets your needs and requirements. This is where we can assist.

As a specialist broker, we can offer a range of discount mortgage solutions to clients. After discussing your requirements and personal situation, we will be able to search a comprehensive panel of lenders and find the best value discount mortgage deal that suits you best. Our advisers aim to process your application to a time frame which suits you. In addition, we will take you through all the steps required, giving you the best chance of being successfully granted a discount mortgage. We are confident we can find our customers the most competitive discount mortgage rate on the market.

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