Capped Tracker Mortgage

Capped Tracker Mortgage

Capped Tracker Mortgage - Capped tracker mortgage deals are tracker mortgage products with an interest rate capped at a specified value. A capped tracker mortgage will usually follow the Bank of England base rate. In addition, capped tracker mortgage packages will have an upper cap and lower ‘collar’, restricting rates. If the cap and collar are set close together, a capped tracker mortgage will be similar to a fixed rate deal. If there is less restriction on rates, capped tracker mortgage packages resemble tracker rates but with limited protection from base rate changes.

As a general rule, capped tracker mortgages charge a premium in comparison with some fixed rate and standard tracker deals. However, the advantages of a capped tracker mortgage can still make this product appealing. If rate is low, a capped tracker mortgage can allow borrowers to enjoy competitive rates, but with some protection from rate rises.

Whatever your reasons for seeking a capped tracker mortgage, finding the right deal can be a difficult process. Many capped tracker mortgages have complex conditions and the cap and collar may move within the mortgage term. As a result, professional assistance is advised to secure the optimum financial result.

As a comprehensive panel of lenders mortgage broker, we can source capped tracker mortgage deals from a range of providers and put your needs first. We offer bespoke advice to clients seeking a capped tracker mortgage. To ensure our assistance is fully personalised, we undertake a detailed fact find of your financial circumstances and specialise in matching the right rate to the right client. Our advisers have the knowledge and expertise to assess which deal is likely to be most suitable and affordable for you.

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