Capped Rate Mortgage

Capped Rate Mortgage

Capped Rate Mortgage - Capped rate mortgage packages are mortgages with a maximum capped interest rate. As such, if the variable rate goes higher than your agreed capped rate borrowers will have to pay no more than the agreed capped rate. However when the standard variable rate falls below your capped rate; the interest on borrower’s mortgage payments will fall as well. A capped rate mortgage is therefore ideal for borrowers who are concerned about interest rate hikes but also want to take advantage of any drops in interest rates.

Capped rate mortgage deals are available from a number of lenders with varying terms and conditions. Some capped rate mortgage lenders tie borrowers to stay with them for a period of time after the capped rate deal has ended. Borrowers not aware of this may have to pay an early repayment charge. Specialist advice may be required to understand the full terms and conditions of various capped rate mortgage packages. This is where we can assist.

As a specialist capped rate mortgage broker, we can assess your circumstances and provide a tailored service to meet your individual bespoke needs and requirements. Our brokers will undertake a fact find to ascertain your financial circumstance. Based on this we can arrange a capped rate mortgage deal that suits your personal situation. Our well established relationships with leading capped rate mortgage providers mean we have direct access to their senior underwriters. This allows us access to the best deals that suit you. We endeavour to use our knowledge and expertise to arrange a suitable and affordable capped rate mortgage with the right lender at the right time for you.

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