Cap Rate Mortgages

Cap Rate Mortgages

Cap Rate Mortgages - Cap rate mortgages are mortgages available to individuals on a cap rate basis. Cap rate mortgages are advantageous for individuals due to a number of reasons. Cap rate mortgages can allow a borrower reassurance as they guarantee that interest rates will not rise beyond a pre agreed limit throughout the period agreed. Traditionally, cap rate mortgages will be tied in to the lender’s standard variable rate, however, new deals have enabled cap rate mortgages to be tied in to wards the Bank of England base rate. This would be on a tracker cap rate mortgages basis.

Cap rate mortgages can be difficult and complex to obtain and specialist advice may be required to obtain the optimum financial result. This is where we can assist. Our expert cap rate mortgages can help find the most suitable and affordable product for you.

We will fully guide and assist clients when seeking cap rate mortgages throughout their application from their initial enquiry until completion of their application and beyond. You will be speedily advised which provider of cap rate mortgages would be most suited to your particular needs and circumstances before completing all the relevant documentation to complete the cap rate mortgage solution which suits you.

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