Joint Tenants Mortgages

Joint Tenants Mortgages – Joint tenants mortgages are mortgages available to those wishing to own a property between two or more individuals. In the case of joint tenancies, all parties have identical interests in the property. In the event of one party’s death, ownership of the property transfers completely and equally to all remaining parties who are part of the joint tenancy, not requiring the use of a will or other property transfer method. Joint tenants mortgages are taken out in most cases by couples who live together and are looking to buy a property, but are unmarried. Joint tenancies differ slightly from ‘tenants in common’ agreements, in that all parties own an equal share of the property, regardless of contributions towards the purchasing of the property by each party. It is important to make sure you plan carefully for the future before applying for joint tenants mortgages.

Having the right advice and guidance is essential when looking for any mortgage, but especially for joint tenants mortgages. Using a mortgage broker with years of experience and a professional acumen like Capital Fortune can be make-or-break in finding the right mortgage for your individual financial circumstance and needs. We carry out a detailed fact find for all our clients to gather all the relevant information before searching the market for the right mortgage deals for you. Working out whether a joint tenants mortgage is right for your situation and finding the right mortgage products from lenders that offer joint tenants mortgages can help budget effectively and help plan for the future.

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Power of Attorney for Mortgages

Power of Attorney for Mortgages – Power of attorney for mortgages refers to instances in which power of attorney is delegated by someone – referred to as the “agent” - to an individual - referred to as the “attorney-in-fact” – to handle their financial affairs concerning mortgages. In many instances, power of attorney for mortgages is granted due to illness. Power of attorney can have various degrees: from specific powers for a limited time, to a general power of attorney. Mortgage lenders will require that a limited or specific power of attorney is used; documentation must be provided to prove that rights have been assigned to the attorney-in-fact to sign all relevant paperwork on behalf of the agent.

Power of Attorney for mortgages can be tricky to negotiate and require the advice of a qualified solicitor in most instances. This process needs to be carried out so it is clear to both the agent, on behalf of the borrower, and the lender what the power of attorney does and does not include, and any specified time period for such powers. Many lenders may be reluctant to grant new borrowing for power of attorney mortgages, being a specialist financial product and requiring specialist mortgage products in some instances.

At Capital Fortune, our specialist team of mortgage brokers have years experience finding mortgages for our clients. We carry out an extensive fact find for all our clients, researching all the relevant details before selecting the appropriate mortgage products for you from lenders. As power of attorney for mortgages can be relatively complicated, it is important you get the advice you need for your situation, to save you from applying for inappropriate products.

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Probate Mortgages

Probate Mortgages – Probate mortgages is a specialist area of the mortgage market, concerning mortgages secured on properties in probate. In the event of a death, probate refers to the period in which a deceased person’s estate is administrated in a way that transfers ownership to other parties, according to a will or through grant of letters of administration. In some instances, probate mortgages can be complicated, as finding the deceased’s mortgage documentation, among other financial documents, can be a hard task if not done by their immediate spouse. Probate mortgages are further complicated by insurance on mortgages, especially where mortgage insurance or life insurance is inappropriate to the individual’s circumstance.

At Capital Fortune we are experts in probate mortgages. We know that dealing with finances in the event of a loved one’s death can be distressing, so we make sure we are giving complete support to all our clients throughout the application process and filling in all the required paperwork. Getting the right advice for your personal circumstance is always of importance when dealing with probate mortgages. Whether you are the descendent of a deceased individual or administrating a friend’s estate, contacting our team of experienced, professional mortgage brokers could be the best way to manage the property in a cost-effective and efficient manner, with minimum hassle.

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Subsale Mortgages

Please note that Capital Fortune no longer provide a service for this type of finance.

Tenants in Common Mortgages

Tenants in Common Mortgages – Tenants in common mortgages are mortgages that enable more than one individual to joint purchase a property. In contrast to joint tenancy mortgages, tenants in common mortgages take into account the contributions made towards the property purchase, giving each of the purchasers a proportion of the equity in the property in relation to contributions, but can be divided equally if so required. Unlike with a joint tenancy, the liability for tenants in common mortgages does not get transferred to other co-tenants in the event the death of one of the named tenants in common.

As ownership of a specific percentage of the equity is transferred to the individual’s heir through the use of a will or other probate mechanism, tenants in common mortgages can have complications. If, for example, one of the tenants in common dies and their heir forces a quick sale to release their equity or to pay inheritance tax, it could result in other tenants having to buy the equity of the deceased tenant. Although, tenants in common are most widely used by couples who may not be married and are looking to purchase a home together.

Being a specialist mortgage product, tenants in common mortgages require specialist mortgage advice, tailored to your individual circumstance. We have worked for a wide range of clients with a vast array of mortgage needs, so have great experience locating the right tenants in common mortgages on the market, knowing when they are suitable. We promise to talk you through every stage of the application process, simplify all the jargon and make your life easy by filling in all the paperwork.

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