Private Banking Mortgages

Private Banking Mortgages

Private Banking Mortgages - Private banking mortgages are mortgages from private banks typically for customers who may be unable to obtain a mortgage from a high street bank, are seeking more than the bank maximum or interested in potential better rates. Seekers of private banking mortgages can require a holistic approach and have bespoke needs often associated with leading mortgages brokers. We offer guidance and advise to ensure you gain the best mortgage package for your individual circumstances. Our private banking mortgage specialists search a comprehensive panel of lenders to ensure you gain the best deal available.

Private banking is on the rise since the credit crunch forced high street banks to become more risk averse. Private banks can provide for those who may not meet traditional mortgage requirements, usually those who have multiple income items, such as bonuses and share portfolios. They can also help those who are seeking above £500,000, which most high street banks are unwilling to meet. Private banking mortgages are suitable for those with a good credit rating.

Our team have years of experience and have built strong relationships with many leading providers of private banking mortgages, giving us the know-how to ensure we find you the right deal, with the right rate, at the right lender but more importantly at the right time. We look beneath the surface of each rate to ensure there are no hidden high costs such as valuation rates and legal conveyancing. We can also provide advice for which private banking mortgage package would best suit you and what you need, whether it is a fixed mortgage or a tracker rate mortgage loan. We also offer the best 2 year fixed rates, 3 year fixed rates and 5 year fixed rates.

If you need any assistance why not speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers by calling 020 77 100 400 or Enquire Online.

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