1 Million Mortgage

1 Million Mortgage

For clients seeking a £1 Million Mortgage or above, Capital Fortune based in the City, have access to both national and private banks offering an array of multi-million mortgage and finance facilities. Our £1 million mortgage plus specialist team with their strong private banking relationships, deal with a large selection of leading finance providers based abroad and here in the UK.

Typically, those using our services, seek to borrow between £ 1million and £10m. They come to us, often having already undertaken their homework and have previously approached the mainstream banks and brokers. They realise that they want a more competitive, bespoke solution than that being offered. 

Clients who use us, often tell us they are frustrated with being promised solutions and they simply want delivery. They tell us they are confused who to use and exactly where to start. They want an upfront approach and require the benefit of available mortgage contacts within the private banking sector. Speed is usually important to them. They want to get it right.

We always work to individual timelines and have a reputation for delivering on our promises. Our numerous contacts within the large loan arena, provide a competitive advantage for clients and we can usually arrange the first meeting with a private bank within 24 hours of instruction.

Our relationships ensure that those who to choose  to use us, obtain the right deal and importantly, the appropriate financial structure be it on or offshore. The rates we offer are not likely to be available on the high street and if you are looking for a fast, transparent and discreet service, we may be able to assist.

We are one of the few, comprehensive panel online £ 1 million mortgage brokers and are able to source home mortgage products, online mortgages and finance illustrations from across the UK. We are specialists in mortgage advice UK wide. We offer a range of fixed rate mortgages and lifetime tracker rates on residential , commercial and investment buy to let £1 million mortgages and more.

Since the credit crunch, it is no secret that the availability of multi-million pound mortgages are far more challenging with many banks reducing their bank lending maximums to levels well below the £1 million mortgage mark. We do appreciate mortgages over a £1 million can be problematic for the majority of UK mortgage brokers, especially when a client's income is made up of variable components, such as business profits, share portfolios, bonuses and/or property investment either here or overseas. We operate a flexible service and will know the lender, prepared to mirror your needs, allowing a smooth and swift transaction.

If you require assistance and would like a confidential discussion regarding your requirements, call us today to speak to a broker on the £1 million mortgage team. They will quickly advise you of the best £1 million mortgage buys and which is potentially, the most suitable for your circumstances.

If more convenient, make your Enquiry Online.  You will receive a quick, priority response.


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