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Capital Fortune provided an excellent service - they provided me with all of the options available, gave any advice needed, and prepared and processed the application promptly, with ease and efficiency. It was a pleasure to use them and I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Service first class always kept up tp date with proceedings
It was quite an easy decision to make….the run of the mill mortgage brokers really were not going to be able to help me on this one. I would recommend Capital Fortune to any one asking and I do so too.
Joe Crosby, Golders Green

Trust mortgages or mortgages taken out on behalf or in the name of a Trust are a specialist area of mortgage finance. We appreciate that the structure and complexity of Trusts is generally misunderstood by the majority of lenders or brokers. Typically, clients we successfully assist tell us of the difficulty they have experienced in trying to arrange a competitive Trust mortgage. Often they express their frustration in finding an appropriate lender or are a little unsure how to start their search.

Our bespoke trust mortgage service is based not only on knowing UK lender’s criteria but also our ability accessing the availability of private banking, offshore, foreign banking services and bespoke lending solutions. Such lenders will often take a more holistic approach to the Trust and Beneficiary’s requirements and look at the mortgage as more than a standard transactional deal.

Typically we find that clients seeking trust mortgages can have more sophisticated and specialised banking and finance needs and we are able to provide personalised advice on the appropriate lenders to meet those needs.

Trust mortgage applications often require a greater degree of negotiation with national lenders, the underwriters, their panel surveyors and property valuers. Clients we successfully assist, also appreciate there is a limitation on the number of providers in this specialist market and understand the fact that many do not openly advertise their available products direct to customers.

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