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Although the whole process took around 6-7months on the whole I feel that capital fortune done a good job at obtaining a mortgage for me. I needed a mortgage for just under 400k. Being under 21 and only owning 50% of the company that only had 1st year accounts I was finding it very difficult to find a lender after consulting with 5 brokers who all told me finding a mortgage would be impossible and that I would have to wait another year I found Capital Fortune and gave them a call. Advisor Jakob Hoffman took me through the initial fact find and about 10 days later came back to say that he had found a lender to take on my case. I then received the pack from them out lining all of the documents that they needed. The amount of docs that they required were relentless and over all it took me around 3/4months to get everything together that they were happy with before they could finally review my case and submit it to the lender. Although this process is frustrating I would have rather they had gone over everything to the T than to have my application rejected. The fee may seem expensive in comparison to some brokers however you get what you pay for I did not think that that the fee was too much for the service they offered. I found at times they did not get back to me when asked. Sometimes advisers and people were difficult to get hold of sometimes not coming back to me until the end of the day. I would have preferred sometimes to be told that they simply had no updates rather than not hearing back for a day or 2. Communication could definitely be improved during the process. Be prepared for a long tough ride if your case is specialist and other brokers have failed! Overall the service they offered was fantastic in obtaining a mortgage for me and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Genuinely did do what other brokers out there simply couldn’t. Special thanks to Stephen, Fowzia and Jakob

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Totally professional and a great source of advice.
It was quite an easy decision to make….the run of the mill mortgage brokers really were not going to be able to help me on this one. I would recommend Capital Fortune to any one asking and I do so too.
Joe Crosby, Golders Green

Typically, the Barristers we successfully assist tell us of the difficulty they have experienced in trying to arrange the most competitive mortgage finance. They know that a number of lenders are unfamiliar with the remuneration structure of Barristers in private practice and their wish to perhaps rely not only on actual receipts, but perhaps their aged debt and/or clerk’s projection of gross receipts, which can be significantly higher than net income. They advise us that the costs for chambers, travel, legal subscriptions and subsistence can often reduce their overall income figure down as much as 20- 40%. As a result, standard mortgage income multipliers applied to the net income of Barristers can be unfair, as on paper, these figures do not show the Barrister’s true earnings capacity. This coupled with the Barrister’s Aged Debt simply does not reflect overall income or net asset worth of a trading Barrister. Often a degree of professional discretion, diplomacy and negotiation may be required when dealing with a Barristers mortgage application to a national lender and this is where we can potentially assist. We deal with a number of Bar members including pupils, newly qualified tenants (without accounts, based on projections), Q.C’s and Judges at both County Court and High Court level. Many have indicated to us that they would be happy to provide personal testimonials to our service from fellow members of the Bar. We have made mortgages for Barristers a specialist area within the Company and as a Barrister obtaining a mortgage you will receive our premier service.

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