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Building and Contents

Buildings and Contents – Buildings and contents insurance is insurance that covers your property and specified items within it. Building and contents insurance can protect you from the risk of theft or property damage. Although only buildings insurance is compulsory (if you have a mortgage debt), many clients find it convenient and cost effective to purchase buildings and contents insurance from the same provider.

It is important to secure building and contents insurance that is both affordable and suitable for you. For instance, different buildings and contents insurance policies may or may not cover items from the home if they are lost or stolen outside the home. This can be particularly important for items that are regularly taken outside of the home. Specialist advice can help you take out the best buildings and contents insurance for your needs.

At Capital Fortune, we can advise on a range of competitive buildings and contents packages. In addition, if we are assisting with your mortgage application we can ensure that your buildings and contents insurance is synchronised with your home purchase schedule. Our advisers carefully analyse the available buildings and contents insurance deals to identify hidden terms and conditions. We will also complete the necessary paperwork associated with your buildings and contents application to save you time.

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