Expatriate Mortgage Sales

Expatriate Mortgage Sales

Expatriate Mortgage Sales - Expatriate mortgage sales are services required by expatriates in order to purchase a buy to let or residential property within the UK. Expatriate mortgage sales are becoming increasingly needed to ensure clients obtain a competitive rate for their expatriate mortgage needs. High street banks are becoming more risk averse in their approach to expatriate mortgages and may offer higher interest repayments which are not best suited to a customer. We offer a bespoke and a holistic service to all clients seeking expatriate mortgages sales to ensure they obtain the most competitive mortgage sales rate for their individual circumstances.

As specialist expat and foreign national mortgage brokers we are able to source expatriate mortgages with British mortgage lenders. We understand our clients and the need to secure expatriate mortgages. We appreciate many of the reasons a client may have for wishing to purchase a home back in the UK or remortgaging. We have specialist brokers who have themselves lived and worked overseas and so understand the many financial benefits of expats and foreign nationals owning a home in the UK.

As expatriate mortgage sales advisers, we can source and provide details on a number of expatriate mortgage products form British lenders. We will be able to assist you as to what package will be most suitable to expatriates mortgages sales seekers for their unique requirements. The property can be lived in if you are coming to the UK or it can be let out as a second home.

Our expatriate mortgages sales team are able to source for you the best value British mortgages from across a comprehensive panel of lenders and will provide you with a professional service from the initial mortgage application right through to completion. We have built up strong relationships with many leading expatriate mortgage sales teams, allowing us to gain direct access to their underwriters for our clients. We can then obtain rates that may not necessarily be on the market for your circumstances

If you need any assistance why not speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers by calling 020 77 100 400 or Enquire Online.

Call us today for more information on our expatriate mortgage sales. Our team of advisers look forward to taking your call.

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Selected Expat and Offshore Worker Mortgages

A selection of some of our lenders mortgage products and rates are shown below. Contact us for a quote specific to your circumstances. Table data updated 26/07/2017.

For /
Fixed Lender
% Lender




30/09/2019 4.59% 4.70% 2% in year 1, then 1% in year 2 £995


Expat Buy to Let to75% LTV

Repayment or Interest Only

Expat and UK Resident Joint Application.



3.19% Discount


5.70% 5.70% 3% in year 1, then 2% in year 2 £0 0.75%

Expat Residential to 80% LTV

Second Home or UK Base



1.69% Discount 31/07/2019 5.70% 5.70% 1% until 31/07/2019 £199 None

Expat Residential to 75% LTV

Free Standard Valuation.

Either: immediately returning to the UK or UK resident and Expat Joint Application.



2.89% Discount 2 Years 5.70% 5.70% 3% in year 1, then 2% in year 2 £0 0.75%

Expat Buy to Let

Max 50%-75% LTV (product dependant)

First Time Buyers / Pure Expat Applicants Considered


1.24% Fixed 30/11/2019 3.75% 3.75% 2% in year 1 & 2 £995 None

Expat Residential

Max 60% to 90% LTV (product dependant)

UK resident and Expat Joint Application



 2.80% Discount  2 Years  5.29%  5.29%  2% in year 1, then1% in year 2  £995  None 

Expat Holiday Let

Max 60% - 75% LTV (product dependant) 

007  3.60% Fixed 31/08/2019  4.00%  4.00%  2% in year 1,then 1% in year 2  None  1% 

Expat Buy to Let

Max 65% - 75% LTV (product dependant)

Personal income used (not based on rental income)