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Data Protection Breaches – How Serious Is Industry Taking Them?

Created on 16 February 2015.

Recent research suggests that financial services have been a major perpetrator of Data Protection breaches over recent years with a disturbing rise in sensitive information being disclosed to the wrong ...

Millions Overpaying on Mortgages -The Cost of Complacency?

Created on 01 February 2015.

New research by Capital Fortune indicates that millions of borrowers may be overpaying on their current standard variable mortgages due to complacency. In light of the numerous deals now available, Rob ...

Remortgage Boom as Two Thirds Sit on Variable Rates

Created on 01 June 2014.

In the last six years interest rates have been at their lowest ever levels. We have seen clients enjoying rock bottom mortgage rates. Those sitting on standard variable rates (SVRs) have watched the Bank ...

Down-valuations continue to fall as economy recovers

Created on 09 November 2013.

The proportion of homes down-valued by surveyors continued to fall across the entire UK in the third quarter, according to research from e.surv.

Remortgages hit highest levels this year in April

Created on 14 June 2013.

Remortgage lending has bounced back in April with its best month of the year as it drives growth in overall mortgage lending. Council of Mortgage Lenders figures show £3.4bn was lent to borrowers remortgaging ...

Consumer appetite strong in London as first-time buyer activity remains stable

Created on 07 June 2013.

Half of all adults surveyed in London would like to buy a new home to live in (be that a first or subsequent home) in the next 2-3 years, according to findings released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders ...

Remortgaging Has Favourable Conditions

Created on 22 February 2013.

A quarter of homeowners who remortgaged in January 2013 did so with the intention of using the money to clear debts or aid spending in other areas, according to a survey by the estate agents LMS.  ...

Remortgaging Hits 4 Year Low

Created on 07 January 2013.

The number of homeowners deciding to remortgage has hit a four year low, according to the LMS Remortgage Report. November saw 22,472 people remortgage; this being a fall of 23.6% from figures in October ...

Mortgage Market Forecasts for 2013

Created on 26 December 2012.

The Council of Mortgage lenders has recently published its 2013/14  mortgage market forecasts  alongside its mortgage lender evaluation of the market based on interviews with the national lenders.In ...

Interest Only Mortgage in Mid 50s

Created on 27 December 2017. Posted in Ask the Specialist

Hi, I currently have a mortgage with a rate of 5.84% and want to remortgage to a better rate. My current lender will not play ball based on affordability. I fear another interest only mortgage may ...

British Expat in South Asia

Created on 04 October 2017. Posted in Ask the Specialist

... mortgage on SVR. I am looking to remortgage my property on a buy-to-let product. I pay taxes and get paid in local currency in Pakistan. If there are any competitive remortgage deals available for British ...

Motivation to Remortgage Highest Since 2008

Created on 07 March 2017. Posted in Live News

Mortgage rates may be showing signs of rising, but that shouldn't dampen borrowers' desire to remortgage, particularly those coming to the end of a fixed two-year term. Indeed, our latest figures show ...

Remortgage While Working in Cayman Islands

Created on 19 December 2016. Posted in Ask the Specialist

...  Ask the Specialist response: Hi Drew Thanks getting in touch. We typically assist a number of UK expats looking to purchase or remortgage property in the UK when living and working in the Cayman ...

Recent County Court Judgements and Defaults

Created on 18 October 2016. Posted in Ask the Specialist

... then because I cannot get a mortgage would she be able to remortgage and me take the debt over? So many questions! Thanks, Stephanie Ask the Specialist response: Hi Stephanie,  Thanks for ...

Mortgage for Timber Framed House

Created on 07 September 2016. Posted in Ask the Specialist

Hello, we live in a timber framed house, no mortgage and wish to remortgage a small amount for home improvements. I have heard some banks/ building societies do not loan on timber framed properties...are ...

Mortgage for Over 80s

Created on 10 July 2016. Posted in Ask the Specialist

Hi there, My relation who is 81 has an interest only mortgage. She has only one year to repay the full mortgage back. Is there a possiblity of remortgage. Sue Ask the Specialist response: Hi Sue, ...

Remortgaging with Debt Management Plan

Created on 27 May 2016. Posted in Ask the Specialist

Hi, We have a debt management plan in place and have so for 2 years. We want to remortgage and possibly move home. We want to clear off debts, paying the debt plan with full and final settlement which ...

Expats, Mortgages and Foreign Currency

Created on 07 October 2015. Posted in Live News

... advice on your position. Even if you have an existing mortgage you may not be able to loan more money through a remortgage if you are paid in one currency and mortgaged in Sterling. It is restrictive even ...

How can I get a second home mortgage?

Created on 24 June 2015. Posted in Live News

... choice for those with the funds. There are a number of options to fund it. You could remortgage your primary property to fund another purchase or you could take out a separate mortgage. A simple remortgage ...

Mortgage market bounces back in April

Created on 23 June 2015. Posted in Live News

... quiet month for house moves as Britain goes on holiday. Pricing In April, there were 68,076 loans approved for house purchase (up 7.9% on the 63,055 approved 12 months earlier). And the remortgage ...