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British Expat Mortgages for UK Ex pats in Abu Dhabi

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in UAE

UK expat mortgages in Abu Dhabi are a specialist area at Capital Fortune.  Whilst the availability of British finance  is increasingly restricted and despite many of the main UK lenders having ...

Mortgage Calculator UK Rates and Expat Mortgages for British Expats in Australia

Created on 18 August 2013. Posted in Australia

... of the population. The majority have not completely severed all ties with the UK and many continue to maintain property back home. A growing number are looking for expat buy to let remortgages or want ...

Sub-prime lender launches to help adverse borrowers

Created on 06 August 2013. Posted in Live News

A new sub-prime lender has launched into the mortgage market aimed at borrowers with an adverse credit record. Magellan Homeloans is the first major sub-prime lender to launch since the crash and a sign ...

99.5% of Consumers Don't Undertsand Mortgages - Which?

Created on 21 June 2013. Posted in Live News

... mortgages. Which? polled 1,001 homeowners and homebuyers and found borrowers were clueless about how fees made a difference to the total cost and focused on headline rates. It asked interviewees ...

40% of Landlords Increase Rents

Created on 22 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... a growing demand for big buy-to-let mortgages. The average house price in the capital has just sailed passed the £500,000 mark and with rents rising even more quickly it could be a good bet. Half ...

House Price Affordability for Keyworkers Improving

Created on 18 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... nurses, teachers,paramedics, and police officers - have seen large improvements in the affordability to buy in the last five years.There have been growing numbers of keyworkers seeking professional mortgage ...

Mortgages and Divorce – The Weapon of a Mortgage in Divorce Wars

Created on 12 May 2013. Posted in Live News

Divorcing can be stressful enough without having to worry about an outstanding mortgage. There is no doubt that ex-partners, knowing the impact missed payments can have, sometimes use the weapon of a mortgage ...

More Tenants Paying Rent On Time, says Countrywide

Created on 21 April 2013. Posted in Live News

... for rent payments. The growth in the private rented sector has been reflected by mortgage lenders with more and more offering loans to buy-to-let landlords. This greater level of competition has seen ...

Comeback for high loan to value deals as NatWest opens up 90% mortgages

Created on 26 March 2013. Posted in Live News

... available to all customers and not just those with a NatWest current account. Borrowers will also no longer need an account to access a five-year fixed rate mortgage at 6.29%. It is also launching ...

Santander's seven day mortgage deals point the way for brokers

Created on 13 March 2013. Posted in Live News

At the end of February Santander launched two-year fixed rate mortgage at 2.49% that was only available for seven days. The deal was available at 75% loan to value ratio making it a cheap rate but it ...

Tips To Secure A Mortgage

Created on 06 March 2013. Posted in Live News

The UK mortgage market has gone through many setbacks over the past five years as banks and building societies try to heal the scars of the financial crisis. It has become firmly engrained in the public’s ...

Lenders Are Wrong Not To Allow Tenants Longer Tenancies

Created on 30 January 2013. Posted in Live News

The Council of Mortgage Lenders have responded to Labour leader Ed Milliband's call for longer tenancy agreements by warning that such agreements could lead to a rise in rent arrears. They have indicated ...

Professional Mortgages Look Set To Rise

Created on 24 January 2013. Posted in Live News

Interest on five year fixed rate mortgages are at a 6 year low since 2007, according to one Mortgage Advice Bureau. The average interest on a five year fixed deal is now 4.27%, down by 0.34% from the start ...

Remortgage Advice

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