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Government Help to Buy booming with 4,000 Enquiries

Created on 09 June 2013. Posted in Live News

...  It means that anyone who is doing should take advantage and discuss any opportunities with your mortgage broker. Government support Since the crisis the mortgage market has been suffering with high ...

Mortgage Availability Rockets 34%

Created on 29 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... a mortgage broker is the best way to scour the market with a qualified and regulated adviser as your guide. A broker can tell you whether you would be better with a fixed or a variable with an impression ...

Remortgages rise 17% in April as Borrowers Look for Savings

Created on 28 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... should speak to their broker again and look for another deal. While remortgaging may come with a phalanx of fees from a fresh valuation to lender arrangement charges it could be worth it. Finding ...

Govt's Help to Buy scheme can help with large mortgages too

Created on 26 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... so any boost to housing transactions will be welcomed particularly on more lucrative large loans. Brokers Help to Buy is a complex scheme and the best way to understand your options and what deals ...

40% of Landlords Increase Rents

Created on 22 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... a million pounds is a huge amount to stake on an investment and it is important landlords get the right deal by talking to a mortgage broker. Being a landlord The average buy-to-let deal usually offers ...

Have Lenders Misinterpreted Interest Only Rules?

Created on 20 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... for interest-only such workers on bonuses should turn to City mortgages brokers. What to do? A City worker who earns a basic salary may want to repay the minimum monthly amount and then add big payments ...

Large Mortgage Loans Going Mainstream At Halifax

Created on 17 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... to a qualified broker to get the right deal. Getting the wrong interest payments on a £1m loan can be very costly indeed. Halifax's deals are only available through brokers recognising the complex nature ...

Mortgages and Divorce – The Weapon of a Mortgage in Divorce Wars

Created on 12 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... affordable in that party’s name and this will depend on individual circumstances. It is often useful to speak to a mortgage broker with experience in this area. 2. Attempt Agreement That the Property ...

Help To Buy Mortgages

Created on 07 May 2013. Posted in Live News

... his annual Budget announcement, Osborne unveiled the Help to Buy scheme now available directly through banks and mortgage brokers such as Capital Fortune. The first element of the scheme is what is known ...

More Tenants Paying Rent On Time, says Countrywide

Created on 21 April 2013. Posted in Live News

... something different for prospective borrowers. These lenders are just the tip of the iceberg and it can be an incredibly tough market to navigate if you are not a professional mortgage broker. As a ...

Building societies offer better mortgage rates than banks

Created on 20 April 2013. Posted in Live News

... rules around how to access them. Some deals are only available to local residents, some are national while others only through certain mortgage brokers. To scour this market properly you need to speak ...

Mortgage Lenders Cut Rates

Created on 03 April 2013. Posted in Live News

... five-year deal at 2.84 per cent with a £1,545 fee but, once again, it is only available to borrowers who deal directly with the lender and not via brokers. Another deal available only directly with the ...