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Enter the property value and expected rental income into the calculator below to get an indication as to whether the mortgage amount may be possible.

Note that this is intended as a guide only and you are advised to seek as advice regarding the property and your specific circumstances before you enter into any commitments.

Calculate Buy To Let Mortgage

Calculate Buy To Let Mortgage - Calculate buy to let mortgage refers to the calculation to find the overall cost of buy to let mortgage products for property within the UK. Individuals can calculate buy to let mortgage products using a number of sources, be it through TV, radio and online. The most popular method used to calculate buy to let mortgages is online. Buy to let mortgage tables can show the available buy to let mortgage products on the market and the initial rates offered by buy to let mortgage lenders. However, through using these methods it can be difficult and complex to find the deal which suits you best. Often hidden costs and onerous conditions will not be seen on buy to let mortgage tables, making it difficult to calculate the buy to let mortgage products available on the market.

This is where we can assist. We offer a bespoke and holistic service to all clients seeking to calculate buy to let mortgage products in order to find the most suitable and cost effective deal for them. Our expert team have the knowledge and expertise required to calculate buy to let mortgage products on the market, using our knowledge to ensure clients are left with the optimum financial result.

Using our comprehensive panel buy to let mortgage base, we can calculate buy to let mortgage products offered from a number of lenders to find the deal most suited to your individual needs and requirements. Not tied to any one particular lender, we put you, the customer, first. We will guide and assist all clients throughout their application from their initial enquiry when calculating buy to let mortgage products to the completion of their application and beyond.

If you need any assistance why not speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers by calling 020 77 100 400 or Enquiry Online.

We can calculate buy to let mortgage products which are available to find the deal most suited to your needs and requirements. Contact us today.

How Much Can I Afford

Tracker rate mortgages are available which allow you to have a tracker rate mortgage for a number of years. There are lifetime tracker mortgages, 2 year tracker rate mortgages, 3 year tracker rate mortgages, 5 year tracker rate mortgages as well as 10 year tracker rate mortgages and other tracker rate mortgage durations. At times, home mortgage UK lenders can offer tracker rate mortgages for 1 year or even a 25 year tracker rate mortgage.

Our online tracker rate mortgage service allows you to assess the best value mortgages and cheap tracker rate mortgages, but remember headline catching cheap tracker rate mortgages are often there to tempt you and they may appear to be cheap tracker rate mortgages only because of the initial tracker mortgage interest rates.

If you require tracker rate mortgage advice we can expertly assess the most suitable and affordable tracker rate mortgages for you, saving you both money and time.

Our online mortgage service can be obtained online or over the phone and our online mortgage brokers are available to assist with your tracker rate mortgage enquiry. We will be happy to discuss with you, your full needs and requirements and commence the search of finding a tracker rate mortgage suitable for you.

Our tracker rate mortgage advice will be provided in a written recommendation which we will provide following your mortgage applications online or over the telephone.

The ten lowest tracker rate mortgages on our mortgage database are listed below. Be aware that Early Repayment Charges (ERC's) may apply to mortgages. To view applicable ERC's, click on the Details button for a displayed mortgage product.

You may also want to check out the lowest tracker rates available based on the tracker rate period itself such as:

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How Much Can I Borrow

How Much Can I Borrow? - How Much Can I Borrow? – Trying to work out whether you can afford a property you’ve found on the market and are thinking “How much can I borrow”? Our online How Much Can I Borrow tool allows you to calculate what size of mortgage loan will be available to you from the offers available on the market, quickly and easily.

Just enter the value of the property you are looking to mortgage, the amount you want to borrow if you already have an idea, and the income of any applicants and you will receive detailed offers from lenders in seconds. The results are listed by initial rates with the lowest first, and details the mortgage type, interest rate for comparison (APRC) and maximum loan, based on the property value and income details you provide. 

Capital Fortune's How Much Can I Borrow calculator is an easy way to compare different rates and to calculate what size of deposit you will require to put down on a property to ascertain the mortgage. This will depend on the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of the mortgage offered, which varies from lender to lender.

For further details of any of the offers in the results section of the calculator, contact our team of expert advisers by clicking ‘Enquire’, or using any of the contact details in the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website. At Capital Fortune, we pride ourselves on giving our clients all the support they need, making any application as hassle free as possible.

Call our mortgage broker team now on 020 77 100 400 or complete the Mortgage Enquiry Online. As part of our service, we will call you back.  

Mortgage Budget Calculator

Mortgage Budget Calculator – Mortgage budget calculator refers to the online mortgage calculator which can be found on our website, enabling individuals to budget your income and expenditure in order to ascertain the affordability of any mortgage an individual wishes to obtain. A mortgage budget calculator can be an excellent resource to determine suitability of a mortgage product, enabling clients through our mortgage budget calculator to work out what size of mortgage will be available for them. 

Using our mortgage budget calculator below, you can find which deals will be the most suitable and affordable for your needs and requirements. Once all the calculations are complete, Capital Fortune can assist to find the ideal mortgage for your financial requirements. 

Capital Fortune is expert in placing our clients with the right mortgage lender at the right rate and importantly at the right time. Having undertaken a mortgage budget calculation, we are able to source from a number of available products to find the deal which suits you best. All clients will be guided from their initial enquiry until the completion of their application and beyond. At Capital Fortune, we can save you time, money and hassle. 

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Calculators – Mortgage calculators can calculate a range of mortgage related figures to enable you to ascertain the packages available to you. We have three mortgage calculators available:

* How Much Can I Borrow?

* Mortgage Budget Calculator

* Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Using the Mortgage Budget Calculator and How Much Can I Borrow mortgage calculators, you can calculate the size of mortgage that will be affordable to you. The Mortgage Repayment Calculator assesses the size of monthly repayments for a range of mortgage packages offering a specified loan amount. 

Our range of mortgage calculators can be an ideal start to your mortgage search. For bespoke advice on your mortgage options, Capital Fortune can assist.

We can help you find and secure your ideal mortgage package. We offer a personalised mortgage assistance service to clients with a range of needs and requirements. Through undertaking a detailed fact find of your financial circumstances and carefully analysing the available mortgage packages, we can ascertain which mortgage is the most cost-effective for you. 

Our one-to-one assistance has a number of advantages over mortgage calculators. We have access to some mortgages that are not available on the High Street, saving you money. Our advisers carefully match the most competitive packages with your individual circumstances and recommend the most suitable and affordable mortgage deal, including hidden costs and charges. We will then complete all the necessary paperwork to save you valuable time.

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Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Mortgage Repayment Calculator - Mortgage Repayment Calculator – Our online mortgage repayment calculator allows you to calculate your monthly mortgage repayments based on the details of any mortgage offer you find on the market. The mortgage repayment calculator helps you plan your outgoings with ease, making sure that you can afford the proposed mortgage on the property you seek to purchase. When planning for the future, managing your finances is always important whatever your plans, and our online mortgage repayment calculator lets you do just that.

Enter the simple details regarding the mortgage offer to receive a calculation of your mortgage payments: the loan amount, fees, mortgage term and interest rate. Click ‘What Will I Pay?’ and our mortgage repayment calculator will give you a result instantly, broken down into amounts for either repayment of the mortgage in instalments, or an amount to pay interest accumulated only.

Whether you require further assistance calculating the size of your mortgage repayments or to find what deals are available from a range of lenders, there are a number of ways to get in contact with our team. Click ‘Enquire’, request a call back, or e-mail one of our experienced brokers at Capital Fortune to get up-to-date information on the offers available. We pride ourselves on high levels of client satisfaction and tailor our service to your needs, whatever your situation. Capital Fortune makes sure you have the information and support you need from start to finish of any mortgage application. 

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Remortgage Calculator

Remortgage Calculator - Remortgage calculator online tools allow individuals to work out monthly repayments on a variety of remortgage packages. Alternatively, borrowers with an idea of affordable monthly repayments can use a remortgage calculator to ascertain the size of a remortgage loan they are likely to obtain from a lender. However, clients wishing to obtain a tracker remortgage should note that monthly repayments change with Bank of England interest rates. As a result an amount that seems affordable now may not be if interest rates rise. It may be useful for borrowers to use a remortgage calculator as a guide and seek specialist advice from remortgage advisers.

Our advisers have years of experience in arranging suitable and affordable remortgages for clients who have previously used a remortgage calculator. A remortgage calculator may not reflect the true costs of a particular remortgage package. Our advisers will check each deal to assess the monthly costs to ensure that remortgage deal is cost effective overall. If not, we will search a comprehensive panel of lenders to find the most competitive rate to suit your specific circumstances.

Our advisers have built up strong relationships with many leading mortgage providers and their underwriters, allowing us access to rates which may not be found on the high street. This leaves us in a confident position to obtain the optimum financial result for you.

If you need any assistance why not speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers by calling 020 77 100 400 or Enquire Online.

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