Mortgages for Blocks of Flats

Mortgages for Blocks of Flats

Mortgages for Blocks of Flats are a specialist area within Capital Fortune. We have deemed finance for a Block of Flats a bespoke area of mortgage lending given most lenders are not prepared to offer mortgages or loans against the whole of the block.

Lenders often have a maximum number of flats upon which they are willing to lend and this can be dependent on their location, the size of the block and whether flats are above or adjacent to one another. Finance for a block of flats can still be arranged given the number of lenders in the market still interested in this type of mortgage and finance business.

Lenders historically have generally sought to avoid lending against a Block of Flats and have deemed them high risk.

We are able to place these properties with UK mortgage and commercial lenders but often these types of application require a significant degree of negotiation with the lenders and the valuers.

That is where are expertise is essential. We know our lender criteria and we will get to know the local valuer. We will speak to the valuer prior to any application to ascertain whether the actual property meets the lender specific criteria, this will save you and us, both time and money.

At Capital Fortune, we work with a number of lenders willing to mortgage and provide finance on blocks of flats and who offer competitive mortgages on these properties.

To discuss a mortgage or finance on a Block of Flats call us today on 020 77 100 400 or Enquiry Online.

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