Bedsit Mortgages

Bedsit Mortgages

Bedsit Mortgages - Bedsit mortgages are mortgages for bedsit properties. Bedsit mortgages are often referred to as house in multiple occupation mortgages if there is more than one bedsit within a property. There are a number of barriers to entry which may apply to bedsit mortgages that normally do not apply to standard buy-to-let mortgages. For example, mainstream lenders of bedsit mortgages may require that the borrower of the property in question is a professional landlord.

As an established bedsit mortgages broker, we have substantial experience arranging the ideal bedsit mortgages solutions for our clients. We provide assistance to clients with a variety of bespoke needs who are looking to secure bedsit mortgages. For example, if you need refinance from a bridging loan after auction sale, our team can arrange this immediately or after a longer period. We offer advice to foreign nationals and ex-pat clients looking to secure bedsit mortgages for UK properties.

As a comprehensive panel of lenders mortgage broker, we are not tied to any one lender and put the needs of our customers first. We have well established contacts with senior underwriters at a number of mainstream and niche lenders of bedsit mortgages. This enables us to source bedsit mortgages that may not be available on the open market and allows us to negotiate the best product for you.

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